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Renegade Factor – Dominate on the Pitch!

Improved play making greater pace & vision strike the ball with power and precision. A technical masterpiece by John Davies, explaining the Renegade vision for success on the pitch.

A exclusive twelve-part series exclusively for Europa League News productions, world renowned coach John Davies details the tactical styling of the Renegade system and the templates to building the regime within academies.

Part 1 through three are available now for only £15 / €17 / U.S. $24 each

£15 €17 U.S. $24

From Dominate, issue 1, Aria

With this opening issue, it is important to first spell out the Renegade system on the pitch.

In the oddest twists the title of “Dominate” is once-again a parry with more than a morsel of dry humour at the tip.

In-fact, in this beautiful game of beautiful games, there is no such thing as domination but understanding the ebb and flow of the sport, which in turn becomes the system. Like the tides of the ocean, the movement of the game is constant, yielding and unyielding, with never a stop in its subtle dance.

To describe the style of approach is akin to trying to capture on words a brush on a pallet as it dips into the paint, the runs along canvas. It can be bold, raucous movements to the softest most sensual of touches, seemingly unnoticeable but leading to the crescendo and ultimate climatic finale.

Tactically, the game is played with the firmest of defending lines that allow the attack to need not a rear view mirror. Defending stances will dictate the opposition but in so knowing that, tactics are adjusted to dictate the oppositions assault, a deft turn of the tables and eventual, plunder. The deft Zwischenzug, of the move between the move, not seen by the outsider, is at the root of the system.

Within the Renegade Academy, all preparation is considered within the totality of the final product, a “Gesamtkunstwerk” of complete preparation, tactical knowledge and the artistic tempo of movement, navigating the pitch in an organic orchestration.


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