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Pink, its the new black

In the winter of 2005 after a long afternoon spent snow-skating in a beautiful rugged mountain retreat, John Davies, the founder of Renegade Training™, filmed his secret stretching and core strengthening regime. This simple but incredibly effective yoga program, affectionately titled Pink, is an easy to follow program that will help you feel young, stay fit and virile throughout your life.

Pink is the quintessential program for practical application in a tried and true manner, without the mysticism and over-complexity that often dilutes the important physical benefits of yoga session.

Purchase the two DVD set, “Pink, it’s the New Black” and “Pink, Live at Crystal Cove”

£ 41

48, 25 €

US $63.50

As you peruse training advice, scouring for tips on how to improve your health, fitness and level of performance, you will no doubt find a myriad of solutions and unique equipment. Each of the solutions offer quick fix remedies to symptoms of a bigger problem of overall fitness, health and possibly an underlying problem that many people have—poor range of motion, core / trunk strength.

Sadly, range of motion work is typically the most neglected in most training circles, often considered “soft” or “effeminate” with limited carryover to your training. Make no mistake about it, range of motion work and proper core training work pays off with enormous dividends directly in performance and overall (back) health, but it also takes a great degree of hard work and determination. In the Renegade yoga DVD, Pink you will learn how you can to live a healthy and pain free life through its remarkable program. Don’t delay – get started on living a healthy new life NOW!

I’d like to welcome you to one of my important missions – to provide you a conduit to living a fit, healthy and virile life always. While being what some would refer to as “middle-aged”, I live an extremely active life balancing family interests, a diverse global business practice and aggressively compete in the athletic arenas against those half my age.

How is that possible that while most succumb to age I’m out Surfing or Snowboarding in some of the most beautiful spots in the world?

It is simple really; by taking care of my body, the right way, the Renegade way and so can you, starting with the Renegade yoga plan – Pink.

In the Renegade yoga session that I have personally used for decades, you can follow along with me in an incredible step-by-step program no matter where you are starting from! How many times have we seen a yoga session where the teacher’s level of flexibility is so far beyond are own or they are promoting some mystical ideas that have nothing to do with your real-life concerns? The Renegade program understands that and utilizes the safest and healthiest system that you can do in the privacy of your own home and slowly feel the benefit of because ultimately my goal for you is simple – improve the quality of your life!

This no-nonsense yoga routine, with its incredible long term proven results is the perfect tool that will help in every part of your life. It’ll help you increase your range of motion, aid in muscle recovery, eliminate those aches and pains, strengthen your back and core, make you sweat, and most importantly, help you to relax and able to take part in life!

Lifestyle is a life of style and your first step starts now!

John Davies
Founder Renegade Training™

£ 16

18, 75 €

US $25

Pink; Live at Crystal Cove

Following the unparalleled success of “Pink, it’s the new black”, it was evident that the public clamoured for a more advanced follow-up to this now, classic. Realizing that all Renegade productions are live, “organic” settings, it was decided that Pink was to become a series where viewers could travel the globe along with me and experience this session in some of the worlds most beautiful settings. The first sequel to the series has raised the bar to the highest level that we know you will enjoy.

Filmed at a pristine beach setting, “Pink, Live at Crystal Cove” goes through a more advanced “power session” to the first in the series and introduces a series of movements that viewers is best utilise two to three times a week.

£ 25

29, 50 €

US $38.50


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