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Raspberry Banana Overnight Oats No athlete can achieve their promise if they fail to manage a proper diet. Simple, yet profound and any suggestion otherwise is nonsense for without the proper dietary support the utmost potential...

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Blueberry Overnight Oats No athlete can achieve their promise if they fail to manage a proper diet. This simple fact is equally a trying realisation for many as for decades proper dietary habits have rarely been emphasised...

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Recipe: Porridge, Eggs and Courgette Food is fuel to serve the demands of athletic development. Whether one is at the height of sport or a young athlete with dreams of the next level without the proper fuel no athlete can reach their...

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The Renegade and DMC™ Library by John Davies

DMC™ Library
• The Legacy £ 7,500, 9,500 €, US $ 13,000, (see ordering instructions below)
• Beautiful Game part 2 £ 7,500, 9,500 € of US $ 13,000, (‘The Legacy’ is a prerequisite and exclusively available to PRIVATE STUDENTS)
• With Grace part 2 (exclusively available to PRIVATE STUDENTS)
• DMC™ IV, Lesson 11 (exclusively available to PRIVATE STUDENTS)
London Paris Photo Journal £ 33 | 47 € | US $ 50 **

Personal | Tactical Development *
Chess for Champions, Volume I £ 200 | 285 € | US $ 300 *
• Chess for Champions, Volume II £ 333 | 475 € | US $500 (successful completion of Volume I examination required) **

Renegade X library *
Renegade X: Dawn of a New Frontier £ 200 | 285 € | US $300

‘Renegade 2.0 library’ **
R-Factor for Golf, edition 2 £ 200 | 285 € | US $300
Beautiful Game part 3, edition 2 £ 333 | 475 € | US $500

This list does not includes books written by John Davies published by third party groups or under his pen-name.

Please note:
To ensure protection from the continued onslaught of plagiarism and copyright theft each book is encoded a special marking system tracing it to the original email purchaser. Copying or duplicating the e-books is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We take the theft of our work serious and will prosecute ALL OFFENDERS!


Mr. Davies is the founder of Renegade Training International™, which is known for its revolutionary approach to human performance and the leading influence in the entire notion of what has been loosely termed as “functional training”.

Renegade Training™, a company that prides itself with an “ethics first” approach, continues to fight the uphill battle of a return to teaching values and ethics through sport and the complete abolition of the scourge of performance enhancing drugs in sport. To some Renegade Training™ is a source for athletic superiority and yet to others the real magic is its teachings of is overcoming adversity and to truly make a difference in the world.

Within the broad fitness, health, strength and conditioning industry there is rarely an area that isn’t based upon the work of Renegade Training™. Whether it is the notion of imperfection training, variable mediums, non-conforming object lifts, general physical preparation, sport specificity, postural adherence or chaos training, Renegade Training™ broke the ground for all others to follow. While consistently imitated, Renegade Training™ is THE source for industry and those informed.

Throughout his career, Mr. Davies has served as consultant behind the scenes in every level of sport from professional teams, top academic institutions and countless thousands of youth development programs across the world. A quick review of professional rosters reveals a stunning common denominator, whereby athlete after athlete have been developed within the Renegade system in some shape or form. Throughout the sporting community, the Renegade system is accepted as the most influential training methodology in practice and the body of work is referenced throughout the world in a host of languages.

DMC™ Library
For full information on DMC™, please refer to the specific section on the web-site regarding John Davies’ ground-breaking system.

Please note all DMC™ books are equal to the cost of events (Price £ 7,500, 9,500 € of US $ 13,000) and must be purchased in sequential fashion. Each book serves as the exam material for the next series of studies and individual must receiving a passing grade before advancing.

Ascension in DMC™ is not guaranteed and ‘effort’ is not sufficient as quality will not be compromised. This is the domain of professionals.

The Mark of R part 3; THE LEGACY

‘The Legacy’ is a twisting story of the past decade, of trials and tribulations and a final affirmation of the spirit of the John Davies’ greatest intention of re-building communities with the fortification of honour, commitment and loyalty.

Keeping to the formula, ‘The Legacy’ is broken into two parts with the second half focused upon physical development, yet with a surprise in store with the most intense public look at his opus DMC™, which John Davies calls the ‘farthest reaching theory’ of his career.

Price £ 7,500, 9,500 € of US $ 13,000

£ 6,000

7 225 €

US$ 10,000

The Beautiful Game, II

‘BGII’ will mark the fourteenth book in Mr. Davies’ illustrious career and the third of the DMC™ library. This book is instrumental or DMC™ professionals or those seeking optimal fitness with John Davies’ “total health” plan.

It you are dedicated to football (voetbal, fútbol, fußball, Футбол, calcio or soccer) “BGII” is an absolute must and will quickly become a guideline for the finest training grounds across the world. The release of “BGII” will also signal the new football specialist division in DMC™ and be accompanied with regular seminars, both in person and online, for coaches and player development camps worldwide. Additional information on the tutelage of John Davies and being a certified football specialist division of DMC™ will be provided in confidence. Please leave your comment with contact e-mail and a member of our team will respond in private.

PLEASE NOTE: “THE LEGACY” is a prerequisite for “Beautiful Game, II”. All orders without the prerequisite release authorisation will be refused with funds fully refunded.

Limit one copy per licence, with clubs or international teams required to purchase no less than ten licences.

Each book is priced at no less than the cost of online classes with Mr. Davies and will never go on sale.

Price £ 7,500, 9,500 € of US $ 13,000

An author of nine highly regarded and trend-setting books, Renegade Style Publications™ has probably published the following nine books of Mr. Davies:

The Renegade Library , all books in this library are now ‘retired’ from the public library and no longer available for purchase.

  • R Factor for Golf
  • The Mark of R, part II; the re-birth of honour
  • Diamonds. Please
  • A Beautiful Game
  • More than a Game
  • Mastery on the Gridiron
  • Sessions
  • With Grace

Renegade Training™ is firmly committed to improving the quality of education with the health and fitness / strength and conditioning fields. Our body of work is by-far the most revered within the industry (as well as being the most copied) and we will continue our efforts to improve the state of information available for professional coaches, trainers and exercise enthusiasts.

Each book in the Renegade Library is produced to exacting standards of the founder of Renegade Training, John Davies and his closest friend, the companies Director, Mr. Grant Hansen. They have set the industry on its ear with remarkable series of books that not only reflects the upper reaches of health and fitness but embodies their dynamic lives.

Each book of the Renegade Library is available for purchase individually.


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