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Victory Equipment

Small business is the root of a strong economy. Entrepreneurs who possess the vision and guile to satisfy the market need are not only the driving force to job creation but the integral link in their communities as well as technological advancement. While rarely heard in major media outlets, propelling economic success and positive change in all of society must include supporting small businesses. Whether it is your local shopkeeper or farming groups by supporting those who value your patronage with a firm handshake and look in the eye, we as a people can change our destiny and create a better tomorrow.

For many years in my sporting career, I made use of hurdles from, quite honestly, a ramshackle approach to building them myself. There were many problems with their construction, as it relates to adaptability and I was unable to find the correct solution. As they situation so often are, up stepped a engineer, charter member of Renegade Training™ and good friend Matt Slaymaker, with the ultimate of solutions.

The design was brilliant and in matter of time, Victory Fitness Equipment was borne but with a twist to term because each of their products is manufactured by hand in the time-honoured tradition of pride first. There are no massive factories, nameless workers or clever cost-cutting measures.

When you purchase an item from Victory Fitness Equipment, you are not only buying a product made by the artisan who designed it himself but supporting small business. Support small business, the men and women who can look you in the eye and say they are proud of their work.

I thank you all and as always, remain.

In faith,

John Davies
Founder Renegade Training™

Victory Fitness present produces all hurdles used by Renegade Training™.

Per John Davies:

“At the start to each training session, it is imperative that all athletes perform a dynamic hurdle, RED2 and tumbling to assist in loosening and preparing the hips, shoulders and back for the extensive training session ahead. This is an absolute must for proper movement patterns and ultimately overall health as well as success in sport.”

Victory Fitness Hurdles are available in the Unites States only at this time. Each set of four hurdles are built, by hand by Matt Slaymaker and shipped free of-charge.

Buy 1 set of Hurdles and get $10 off plus a copy of The Mark of R.

Buy 4 sets of Hurdles and get $10 off each set plus a copy of The Mark of R,, Sessions and With Grace.

Price US$ 99.99


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