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Rise and Shine

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How to properly start your day with John Davies


simple diet secrets for weight loss

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By definition food is referenced as a nourishing substance that is used to sustain life and provide energy. Though this is absolutely true in the strictest sense, said definition underestimates the importance of the process of preparing food as well as consuming in overall style of life.


Excluding those where scarcity of resources is a concern, how we shop, prepare and ultimately eat is a defining point of our society and in many cases serves as evidence of tumbling standards of life. Whilst “food” may supply bodily nourishment the manner in which is purchased can enhance our communities just as how it is cooked and consumed is capable of “nourishing” of personal lives.



The generic aspect of “food” fails to recognise connection to the community when bought from local markets when the transaction ends with shaking the hand of farm owner, baker, fisherman or baker. From the market to the home, food that is prepared whether by a single individual or a family shows a respect for the bounty our world provides. In taking time to prepare, as opposed to “convenient meal ready in seconds”, it betters the quality of life with a slower pace. Finally and when the meal is just right, it is served at the table, not in front of a television or to be consumed “on the run”, in a moment of fellowship if with friends or even if alone to better the quality of life with a more sustainable pace.


Yet that is not where the issue of food and quality of life ends as it goes much deeper into hearts. Whether it is recipes passed down generations that reminds of us of “who we are” and our heritage or those memories, despite all the years, are vivid and warm the soul. Those recipes are the great bounty of a diet of “simplicity” as it brings us back to our youth, special moments to those whom we cherish and somehow manages to warm our hearts during the darkest days. The word “food” does not even come close to memories around the family table, the blessing of the sounds of family and meals lovingly prepared with recipes passed down through generations. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and recall the beauty of the home-cooked meal, family, the eternal love of a mother and our heritage.



Though long since abandoned, by utilising the same dietary notions that was the bedrock of much of our world approximately forty years ago, your health will improve exponentially and you will be much closer to attaining fitness goals.. Straight to the point, follow these very basic rules that the greatest “diet” experts (our mothers and grandmothers) would use and the issue is eliminated.


  • Enjoy your meal, as well as preparing, with family or friends as a moment of fellowship. This will have an enormous impact on reducing stress and production of the hormone cortisol.
  • Turn the phone and television off when you dine and enjoy the blessing of sharing the moment with others. Trust me, there is no game worth taking time away from a meal with family and when the time comes you only have a memory remaining of those moments you will understand completely.
  • Gluttony and sloth like tendencies are not admirable quality. This means do not pile food on top of each of other and equally use traditional size plates as opposed to the enlarged format of recent decades that has played a role in the obesity epidemic.
  • Push away from the table and remember the notion of “leaving a bit on the plate”, which effectively means show moderation and respect.
  • Eat healthy balanced meals with finely marbled meat, fresh vegetables, fruit sources (in essence all items of plant origin which naturally includes beans and whole grains). Proportions should be roughly the size of your palm and make use of natural marinades (i.e. olive oil).
  • Prepare foods through broiling, poaching or steaming where possible and avoid endless grilling and microwaving of foods.

  • Consume ten to fifteen vegetables each day as a minimum with emphasis upon cruciferous vegetables. With only 25% of the population eating enough vegetables this might be one of the most important considerations with our diet.
  • Emphasize the quality of the meat, fish and produce sources. While more expensive than the cheaper alternatives, where possible make use of ethical and hormone / pesticide free ranchers / farms as well as local farms.
  • Drink more water and eliminate sugar laced soft drinks completely. Never consume man-made items and yes that means no boxed items or soft drinks.
  • The best snack food is straight from the earth. Add fruit with every meal as well as real snack food that will sustain life such as nuts and olives.
  • Start each day with this centuries old tonic. A simple blend of a few tablespoons of non pasteurised honey from local sources, one to two lemons squeezed in a glass of hot water every morning.
  • Drive by the drive thru as it creates lifelong debilitating illnesses that may kill them before their time is due and is an insult to the blessing of the family dinner table.


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Coffee is meant to be black, 26 August

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Dark exteriors often hide the truth and why coffee is meant to be black – J. Davies 26 August 2011

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Angel Hair pasta with Anchovies and Eggplant

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The following is a personal favourite of mine, easy to make with much of the ingredients coming from my garden and very affordable.

Six vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes
1 Sicilian eggplant
3 cloves of freshly minced garlic
1 Bell pepper (sweet red)
a splash of peanut oil for sauté
a smattering (one tablespoon) capers

If using standard Roma tomatoes, you will likely need to increase requirements two-fold. Peel and seed tomatoes, draining excess water along with dicing eggplant and bell pepper. Sauté with garlic over medium to low heat for five minutes before adding capers and simmering sauce to a relative thickness for an addition ten.

400 gram angel-hair spaghetti (given pasta is fresh the order of preparation is adjusted)

In final five minutes bring later pot of salted water to boil, adding angel hair pasta.

Splash or two of Château Virant olive oil
Three to five anchovies (to personal taste)
Grated Pecorino Siciliano to taste

Once pasta is complete, drain and place in mixing bowl. Splash with olive oil, folding over whilst adding anchovies and quickly serve with grated Pecorino Siciliano.

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A little surprise with Eggs Benedict, Royale style

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Not resigned to merely the world of weekend brunches, Eggs Benedict are relatively easy to make, relaxing to those who enjoy the culinary arts and bales of fun as I can make an enormous mess out of the kitchen.

One of my favourite variations of dish uses smoked salmon, known as Eggs Royale or Eggs Montréal.

To start the process you will first need to construct the hollandaise sauce. Let me state making a fine Hollandaise sauce is not easy, will likely take a few jousts but will spruce up many dishes. You cannot rush this process or you will create a peculiar scrambled egg yolk and butter dish and must address consistent whisking. To make a fine Hollandaise sauce, you will whisk and when you think you are nearing completion whisk so more only to finally finish but yes, whisking again.

But enough of the chit-chat as it is time to head into the kitchen.

In a fresh pan, melt butter slowly with the separation process taking roughly eight minutes, though that could depend on your cooking environment. Allow to cool slightly and separate by pouring off excess.

Separate three eggs and whisk yolks until pale colour. As the concoction thickens, ooze in lemon juice and water while whisking. Over a simmering pan of water, some prefer a double boiler, whisk, whisk, whisk over the next say two minutes, until a frothy mix. Remove from heat, adding another tablespoon of cold butter to ensure yolks do not cook and yes, whisk again. Begin adding melted butter every so slowly, whisking to your hearts content or more importantly until the consistency of a whipping cream. Return to warming saucepan as you whisk, adding salt and pepper to personal taste and set aside on countertop.

No time to waste now and in a flash your meal will be complete but you need to work quickly. With muffins toasting, boil water in one small pot for blanching of spinach as eggs are soft-poached. “Shock” spinach in boiling waters, then immediately place in colder water to stop cooking process and strain off all excess liquid before laying atop muffins, stacking salmon and then egg. Heap on gads of Hollandaise sauce and voilà!

Hollandaise sauce

2 tablespoons water (choose bottled, well filtered or distilled)
1½  tablespoons lemon juice (squeeze from fresh lemons)
3 egg yolks
225-250g unsalted, organic butter (do not go beyond this amount)
Sea salt and freshly ground white pepper

The belly of Eggs Royale

First, let me state I go a “smidgen heavy on the smoked salmon so much of it is absorb slathers of the (rich) hollandaise sauce. If merely for the eggs, reduce by roughly forty percent.

A handful of spinach from your garden
6 slices (150 – 200 grams) smoked salmon
2 English muffins
4 Eggs (range free, well fed, delightfully happy hens)

Congratulations on making a wonderful variation of Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale!

John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Renegade Kitchen, Renegade Pink, RENEGADE X as well as or Twitter and his daily blog for USPlabs.