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John Davies

John Davies, founder of Renegade Training International and DMC™, is known for his revolutionary approach to human performance, authored twenty-two widely acclaimed books for the sport development, coaching and health community as well as mentoring many thousands of coaches in his storied career and serving as a senior brand consultant and ambassador for leading nutrition and supplement since 1983.

Within the broad fitness, health, strength and conditioning industry, rarely an area is not based heavily influenced upon this theories in both general training, tactical development, as well as dietary support and pre-rehabilitation measures. Whether it is the notion of performance-based training for teams, imperfection work to assimilate the chaotic nature of competition, variable mediums to enhance the training effect, the use of non-conforming object lifts, general physical preparation, sport specificity, postural adherence or the DMC™ system based upon dance, his life’s work has paved the way for all others to follow. This influence has made his work highly sought after by the nutrition and sport supplement market as a gateway to the broad marketplace.

Throughout his storied career, he has served as a behind-the-scenes consultant in every level of sport across the globe as well as proactive brands and has virtually opened the door for many sports that prior to his entrance did not exist within performance training circles.

Whether it you refer to it as Football, Fútbol, Fußball, Футбол, Calcio, Votebal or Soccer, the training protocols that John Davies developed are a cornerstone in grounds across the world for thirty years. From the grounds of South America and throughout Europe, at every turn his training influence is apparent, whether directly working with clubs or being passed down through schools and a generation of coaches, in generalised as well as a unique marriage with tactical and specialised work.

Known by many for his work with luminary, Diego Maradona, common glances at the highest leagues in South America, Italy, Russia and Germany, or many others, is evidence as their rarely is a club or coach that has not been influenced by work to elevate technical performance.

Within North America, John Davies is known greatly for his work in Football, including the NFL, with no less than fifty top NCAA institutions and countless hundreds of high school programs but more importantly the ‘coach of coaches’ for over thirty years. A quick review of professional and Pro Bowl rosters reveals a stunning common denominator, whereby athlete after athlete has been schooled within the system he developed. The stark reality is that the Renegade system has been the basis for so many athletes in this sport, that, at the highest level, it is rare to find someone who has not been heavily influenced directly or through the thousands of coaches, he has mentored.

Within the board sport community, John Davies broke the ground with training approaches that came from his unique vantages as a competitive Surfer, Skateboarding and Snowboarder. Defying acceptance at the time when ‘boarders rarely considered off-board physical training, he not only established the approach for board sport athletes but led the surge towards acceptance.

Not limited in his scope other sports reveal similar impact. Within the sport of Baseball, ‘Davies’ exercises’ are quoted by professionals respective of both training and re-habilitation including managers with World Series titles on their resume while in Hockey his work cuts a broad swath through training circles in Europe and North America that reflects his unique on-ice specialised approach. In Basketball, his work has been the inside secret by the elite since working in the famed playground’s of Chicago’s lower-east side in the early 1990’s and within Rugby and MMA, the dedication to the Renegade approach is both profound and the bar others assail. Turning to Golf, a sport woven into his makeup, his physical and mental approach to the game not only has mentored a new generation of players but also made him highly sought after in business circles as ‘The Closer.’

Author of thousands of articles as well twenty-two regarded books on sports mastery, serving as the lone English writer for Спорт-Экспресс (Sports-Express) and Spartak Moscow, as well as high profile supplement brands, John Davies is a name to be trusted for those whom demand results.

In 2004, with his most trusted friend and confidant Grant Hansen, he founded a certifying body to help educate young professionals on his training approach but providing insight into his true motivation on coaching, on learning the ‘path to greatness’ and possibly the most important lesson that the ‘Renegade’ system is built upon; ‘the code’ of honour, commitment and loyalty. This group as since closed its teaching to ensure members receive the highest calibre education and continue the companies message throughout the century.

Considered as an epiphany to many high-ranking members of the sporting community, the vanguard work of John Davies’ not only harkens back to a period when elevating society was woven into sport culture and weaves a message of ethics and standards rarely heard. Throughout the sporting community, the Renegade system is accepted as the most influential training methodology in practice and the body of work is referenced throughout the world in a host of languages. To some, John Davies’ work is a source for athletic superiority and yet to others the real magic is seen as a journey to learn how ‘adversity is something you overcome’ and returns us to a time when sport added value to society.

Across the world for thirty-three years this training approach as been accepted as both the bar to reach for and where champions cut their teeth but the real story is how it teaches a values based system, where ‘principles never have a price-tag’ and the lessons sport teach improve our lives and those around us.

In addition to his duties with worldwide consulting practice and ensuring the continuing development of his team of coaches, John Davies continues to write daily within the sport development, community action, health and diet field. His spare time focuses upon his passion for the arts, environmental matters, competitive sport in ‘boarding, with ‘Boardercross’ his specialty, plays the enganche in footy and is an admitted golf addict who seeks no cure.


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