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Grant Hansen

Grant Hansen, a.k.a. Magnum

Grant Hansen, a.k.a. Magnum

Just shy of the turn of the millennium, Grant Hansen, a young writer and artist from the heart of New Jersey contacted John Davies with an eye towards an internet portal. Though by all accounts or at least how the two spin the tale, there was first reluctance and then eventually as the complex weave was unfurled, a master plan where the Renegade World was born.

At that stage, the exercise world was a blueprint of conformity of precious gleaming gyms, dreary exercise mediums and within a sector that screamed of male bravado, there was only the rarest of sighting of venom. Riding in on bold brash wind, Grant Hansen and John Davies formed an unbreakable team, forever changing the exercise world. A daring, bold vision, hips thrust forward as street tough punks kicked the door down and it never was the same.

Yet this devilish duo has so much more and along with the ten plus books, a library of hundred or so DVD productions that shook the industries foundations, they had time to change the vision of the Xtreme sport industry. Allowing the public to peer into their all too raw escapades, Grant a’ raw to the bone BMX’er, John with Skate deck and requisite snarl, carved into the ‘board and bike community and in less than a decade, as the genre talks lovingly of their preparation, all know where it all began.

For many that would suffice as stamp on a career for these dyed in the wool punks, there were more worlds to conquer, more foundations to kick over. In 2004, on the back of dirty cocktail napkin in some place best not mentioned, Renegade Style, a natural birthplace for their art came to exist. Forever bold, Renegade Style apparel swayed to the beat of a different drum from twisting tongue-in-cheek humour to anguished notes of amor scrawled on t-shirts, with the most advanced application methods on the market.

Yet the mantle place still had far much more to come because after changing the industry, twisting their image within the marketplace, they flipped on the dial again, pushed Renegade international and added possibly John Davies’ most memorable work DMC™. Steeped in the shared appreciation of dance and John’s earliest observation of wild life in its natural habitant, DMC™ has grown into an underground, unstoppable hit.

Moving to the global stage allowed the two to let loose and head off until the unknown, quickly turning the Renegade name into the ultimate source, a canvas for their many interests. By 2008 Renegade was not simply exercise or even cutting-edge visions of designs of tomorrow but career central for many and building leaders with their theories on Social Media long before it happened. Visionaries on not simply the information you receive but how you receive and accept it.

Exhibiting the Midas touch in virtually every portal from exercise, fashion to journalism, the Renegade World creates a bold path for others to follow.

This is the Renegade World and this is Grant Hansen, the Director of the company.

A renaissance man who has worked diligently to create the Renegade World, he has built its extraordinary media presence to catapult the company into a worldwide phenomenon. His tireless, thought provoking, yet artistic style and attention to detail as helped make the unique and highly diverse Renegade experience the most sought after and emulated system in the industry.

A collaborator in each of the ten books released by Renegade Style, six e-zines and countless DVD productions, Grant Hansen is highly regarded force in social media while still have time for personal inspirations. Along with his ongoing antics in BMX and dance, his alter-ego Magnum competes in the wild world of professional wrestling, pushing the boundaries of performance art with virtuoso reviews.

While no one can predict the future of these two vanguards, the smart money is one thing, the unbreakable partnership of Grant Hansen, John Davies will cut the path for others to follow, and nothing will stand in their way.


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