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The Round Table XI

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Despite many suggesting complex dietary habits, the most important approach is ‘simple and sustainable’ and allows for relative ease with lifestyle habits. Ultimately the goal of all dietary approaches is to assist the public to a healthier, more active, life.


Sustainable dietary principles are part of our heritage but unfortunately the modern world, for all its ‘conveniences’, conveniently discarded the past. Look deep into your family’s photo album and I suspect the basic logic of home cooking was not only delicious but typically healthy. What happened sometime in the last approximate sixty years that much of the common sense was replaced with nonsense and many jumped on the quick road to ‘convenience foods’ and poor health was around the proverbial corner.


Just as it is important to establish an effective approach to how and what to put on your dinner table each night eat, there are a number of basic decisions when it comes to establishing a healthier diet. Each of these approaches will be a positive influence within your life as well as assisting athletic development goals.


  • Food is the most powerful ‘drug’ in our lives. Not only must we be concerned of what and how we eat but quality of choice. Choose better quality food and if you are so fortunate to have a backyard, cultivate a garden. This is not only relaxing and fun but will save you an enormous amount of money.
  • Complex ratios seem to work best in books and articles read by those in the exercise industry whom wish to quote complex ratios in an effort to convince the public of their ‘vast’ expertise. Truthfully, the overwhelming majority of the public requires a simple approach of healthy balanced meals with meat, vegetable and fruit sources with proportions of each roughly the size of your palm works perfect. If you keep your food choices from within healthy options, maintain control with portions it is only time until you achieve your goals. This approach may not have the glitz of algebraic formula but it worked for centuries and needs to be restored.
  • Eliminate packaging waste. This might seem like an odd goal but if you eliminate packaging waste your shopping bag will be full of fresh food. Once you reduce packaged or processed food your health will significantly improve.
  • No processed foods, soft drinks or ‘fast food’ and yes, if you drink coffee make it black. Save your health, save money and help reduce health care costs. If you do not think the latter is serious please understand projected health care costs, of which much is related to poor dietary habits, will cripple many economies in the future.
  • Drink more water. The majority of people do not consume sufficient water and it results in a myriad of problems.


Summarily, the answer to diet problems lay not in complex solutions but Simplicity.


Written by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2015
All rights reserved


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