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The greatest nemesis of fear is belief, conviction and intent

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Somewhere along the path of young athlete to experienced coach of many seasons, you realise the greatest foe stands before you in the mirror. Fear is the deadliest foe we must face and fear is the beast that must be tamed if you are to reach your potential.


Fear does not hide in dark shadows and go bump in night but within self doubt. Each of us has tasted it, some fought through it but most have fell victim to fear in some shape or form. Whether it is shown in lowered results in school, sporting interests or your career, the acceptance of failure is the by product of fear winning. The blood of failure comes from the knife of fear.


Ridding yourself of fear is the first steps of success as you finally capture the notion, I can, I will. By believing in yourself, you rip the jugular out from fear and make the decision to learn how to accomplish your goals and then comply with the plan to fulfill your objective.


Fear’s greatest nemesis is belief, conviction and intent.

Believe in yourself.

Remain undaunted and push forward with intent.


I understand this road deeply as my challenges in youth were many. I escaped the clutches of death to get out of the bed I wasn’t supposed to, tackled education when others tried to convince me to relinquish my goals and later developed a system of sports development that is widely used all because of the belief of the power within.


Have faith, you have the talent and ability to accomplish greatness and simply must weather the storms of adversity. You will hear it said or displayed in countless ways but attack all that you do with all that you have and believe.


Written by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2015
All rights reserved


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