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Simplicity and Spices

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Whether your goals relate to aesthetics, bodybuilding or sports performance it is often the ‘little things’ that make a big difference. Just as much of the discussion in the iron game will say target lifting a heavier weight few will sufficiently understand it is how you execute the movement, i.e. proper technique that will create the desired response. ‘Simple’ adjustments such as peak contraction or lifting your small finger off a dumbbell when performing curls will improve bicep growth measurably, hence ‘little changes’ that produce big results.


Much is the same with diet as many that even with the best of intentions ignore some very obvious solutions that are time tested in society. For centuries spices have been the cornerstone of folk medicine and appreciated for the healing qualities but all too often are not used to their full capabilities in our modern world. This equally applies to the aesthetics, bodybuilding and sports performance sector as spices, when working in conjunction with a nutritious diet and supplement regime, can be a fundamental link to goal achievement.


Quite naturally with it now summer the concern of losing excess body-weight is never highest, whether you are stepping on the stage in bodybuilding, preparing for competition in the sporting arena or just wanting to look your fittest on the beach. The following additions to your daily diet plan will make a significant difference as you take those ‘daily steps’ towards your goals.


Each of these six items will assist your metabolism and in many situations assist other crucial health matters. Furthermore cinnamon is extremely helpful in regulating blood-sugar levels, with ginger equally known to aid inflammation of joints and a perfect combination for “iron-game” pursuits. Though this is far from a full list of herbs, with many others that you can grow in your backyard or community garden and help you attain your goals.


• Green Tea
• Garlic
• Cinnamon
• Ginger
• Parsley
• Cayenne Pepper


Written by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2015
All rights reserved


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