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Be ambitious, bold and audacious

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For those who enjoy the life of a sportsmen, the toxic venom of a bite from wildlife is an on going threat in many adventures within the ‘great outdoors’. There must always be a careful balance stricken of enjoying the beauty of the wilds with a firm understanding that one wrong step may find yourself in jaws of wildlife and the resulting bite could end your days without an antidote.


However there is another type of ‘venom’ but one that needs no cure and is to be embraced. This ‘venom’ is the personal resolve to rid ourselves of the constant softening of an era, believe in the power within and attack goals with a relentless spirit.


The spirit of success is a venomous one where each day the call signals for ‘the hunt’ to begin and while others rest on their heels concerned of failure, you push forward on the attack to search out success. Eliminate the rear view mirror of life, push forward and fear nothing.


The early spring rain came down in a sideways unwelcoming pace that effectively signalled the end to training for the majority but for the victors there is still work to be done and uncomfortable weather was merely the spurs reminding that adversity is the breeding ground of champions. The grounds were a water-logged mess, the rain and temperature chilling to the bone and thus, ‘perfect’ in the oddest sense of environments.


This is the hallmark of championships. Not of perfect training environments with the requisite heated towel racks and quaint music but of rough and ready challenges that demand the most. For those who embrace those demands, they have captured that with challenge comes opportunity and so go forward craving the storms of adversity.


Our world was once the home of those who attacked life and were proactive in their day building a better, just society but sadly for many years a doughy softening has occurred. This softening needs to be culled with a new frontier, where tough as leather hides and ambitious men and women attack life. To this I reminded of a speech many have heard through my career but it is worth repeating.


Some will look at the door of opportunity and will tap on it oh-so nicely. Good natured souls that they are but don’t ask that of me. I’ll kick the damn thing down and not leave anything in its wake. I am the fire you fear and the storm you dread.


Be ambitious, be bold and audacious.


There is no antidote to this venom and once you capture its message, you are ready to climb the victors podium in every challenge life provides.


Written by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2015
All rights reserved


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