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Lead or get out of the way

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Recently in the media, or whatever you call an era of foul journalism standards that caters to a ‘dumbed down’ style of writing, there has been yet another round of complaining about the millennial generation.

As with other bouts it is a tale of ignoring the obvious and failing to glance at the rear view mirror and realise the present condition is the work of the very same generation pointing the crooked finger of guilt.

I like anyone with a trace of grey look at the vast frontier of the modern world and question who did we evolve into an ‘i-anything’ lot of drones. In 2014, a ‘like’ is the soma of Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and any discussion of ‘adding value’ has long since usurped with ‘pedalling influence’ or more simply, convincing the public to purchase products they do not need with funds they do not possess. We, my generation, long since mortgaged the future to enjoy the present and now must deal with the consequences.

This ‘culture of me’ is not the fault of the youth for they are the victims of generation that inherited much, decided the proverbial seaside holiday was in order and thrust the bank notes into the wind and forgot the future is what you make.

Leadership is never an easy test and a popularity contest does not make a leader. A leader is founded in ethics, willing to work towards their goals, appreciates a diverse education and acquires the resources needed to excel. At no time does a leader fret over ‘likes’, ‘shares’ or pretty heart swirls in their coffee. That might not make your heart swoon or have a viral pulse but I never had the slightest inkling that success lay in a ‘like’.

The future is bright but it will, I can assure you, stem from the youth. Within them is a willingness to better our world and might I add for all the right reasons. Thus for those who like to point the crooked finger of guilt, first look towards the mirror and realise you reap what you sow.

Seed the future with order, structure and discipline and for that matter, lead or get out of the way.

Prepared by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2014
All rights reserved