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Proper preparation is the motorway to success

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Proper preparation is the motorway to success and victory never comes by chance.

Many an athlete has seen their career falter due to a poor diet or failing to which failing to possess a disciplined lifestyle lay at the root of problem. This extends to simple positive habits of behaviour including the following approach to start your day.

• Upon rising (0500) perform fifty push-ups and sit-ups.
• Drink ½ glass of water with ¼ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate.
• On an empty stomach, perform moderate exercise that includes mobility work RED2 GPP, the introductory movements of DMC™ and static range of motion. This type of plan is suited towards early morning exercise prior to breakfast and facilitates improved range of motion as well as assisting weight loss plans.
• Once you have completed your exercise plan have a bracing contrast shower and make yourself suitable for the day ahead.
• Consume a morning tonic of warm water, non-pasteurised honey (local sources) and a ¼ slice of lemon.
• After completing your morning exercise routine enjoy a balanced breakfast that starts with porridge, a dollop of ‘natural’ almond or peanut butter, farm fresh eggs, fruit (i.e. berries), nuts, green tea and black coffee.

John K. Davies
Founder DMC™ and Renegade Training™

Prepared by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2014
All rights reserved


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