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Never Compromise Quality

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The greatest problem in the modern exercise facility has shifted from ‘poor exercise choices’ to ‘exercises performed poorly’. For many years the great problem in the exercise world was a preponderance of movements that were either not suitable to the needs of the individual or out-right ridiculous. However the previous decade ushered in a new era of exercise and one where quality standards went into complete freefall with multiple joint lifts and the ‘boot-camp’ style class being the focal point.

As one of the biggest advocates of Olympic based movements in the 1980’s, when the majority of training facilities were gleaming chrome, I welcomed the shift in the millennium but unfortunately it has not been managed correctly and quality standards are dreadful. Akin to high energy aerobics class, the exercise industry sunk its teeth into the publics interest in multiple joint movements and quicker than you can pay for your weekend certification class, a ‘field of experts’ was recommending why a middle-aged individual with little or no experience in exercise should be Clean and Jerking with some buffoon spouting a bravado laced tirade of ‘go heavy or go home’.

Let’s be very up-front as there is not a single coach who is REGARDED REMOTELY in the exercise field that recommends explosive multiple joint movements to be performed without regard for quality and for extreme high repetitions.

Not one.

Not ever.


Explosive movements should never be performed without extreme care to quality and absolute not to high repetition and failure. Please consider the IDIOCY of performing an overhead movement to failure with high repetition. It’s a weight, over your head and if you ‘fail’ in your final lift it has one place to fall.

Never compromise quality.

Hence the most over-rated exercise as well as the most one likely to cause an injury in the modern exercise facility is the high repetition, poor quality multiple joint movement. Along with the ‘swinging’ pull-up this ‘habit’ needs to be culled from the exercise realm.

If there is a happy ending to this tale of woe it is the digital era allows for the ease of education and any individual can learn how to perform basic movements in the comfort of their own home gym. Costly gym memberships are not needed, nor are ‘weekend certified experts’ and if you wish to make use of compound movements, learn the proper approach and enjoy its rich benefits.

Summarily, never compromise quality.

Prepared by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2014
All rights reserved