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Flight to Quality

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The greatest stretch of song and dance marketing the modern exercise industry ever pulled off was convincing the public, albeit with a great amount of assistance with the spinning of information online through various media channels and ever-present affiliate programs, was that it was about health, fitness or sports development.

Truthfully the modern exercise industry is less about satisfying the overall fitness and health needs of the public and instead focused upon spinning the web of deceit that results in unnecessary equipment in the marketplace and sees the cost of services grotesquely inflated. The end result of this white noise is the public is no closer to a healthy lifestyle than before and many fine quality coaches leave the business as their services are not appreciated or compensated appropriately.

Whilst many online will discuss burgeoning publishing habits and the ease of releasing an e-book, the trend few hear discussed is deciding to not publish and ensure your innovations are not bastardised by savvy internet marketers that have irreparably harmed this sector. The hellish catch 22 flies straight in the adage of “publish or perish” but with a sector so remarkably “dumbed down” choices are few and answers not so clear cut.

The answer to this problem is not easy to secure but in time economic forces will swing the pendulum back and quality professionals, assuming they have continued their education and not bought into the ongoing drivel and positioned themselves within the latest trend, will prevail.

John K. Davies
Founder Renegade Training™ and DMC™


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