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The Dawn of a New Frontier

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One of the great problems of the modern exercise climate is that the public has been convinced that a draconian training regime suits their needs best. Through clever marketing this virus as grown and vast stretches of the exercise world are simply hideously designed training plans, rife with phrases and hooks to entice the public with users then walking the razors edge line of serious injury in their pursuits.

This is the sad reality of the exercise world and given tumbling standards within the training profession and the publics’ willingness to buy into glitch and glamour, the likelihood of a reversal is not forthcoming in the mainstream.

Any fool can develop an exercise regime that fails to comprehend the energy cycle and by evidence, many have and with the backdrop of a massive advertising budget, which includes subversive efforts in social media and the vested interest of affiliate programs, the public continues to soak up this drivel.

For true professionals who wish to assist their community this is a maddening riddle without any discernable answer and for that chief reason I decided to release a new series of books under the “Renegade X” banner as well as offer continuing education classes.

This 15 September my thirteenth book, “The Dawn of a New Frontier” will be available and I trust it will answer questions within the exercise sector of theories that I in-fact developed and later saw twisted by the industry in its on-going efforts to coerce the public to open its wallet. This book series is available at an extremely low cost, frankly well below the required time investment, and meant to serve the public and profession.

I hope to see my readers and all exercise professionals make good use of its contents and once and for all correct the madness of industry that is void of standards.

John K. Davies
Founder Renegade Training™ and DMC™

“Renegade X; Dawn of a New Era” is required reading for those whom wish to be certified in Renegade X and available for £ 200 | 285 € | US $300.

As noted there is only one copy per license, all books are encrypted with advanced tracking software and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of copyright infringement laws.

Price £ 200

285 €

US $300


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