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Bright Promises, Dismal Performance – part 2

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The irony of the sports media vilifying an athlete for circumventing rules is not missed as they themselves feast on society’s ridiculous obsession with sport. Without said obsession, the sports media would return to a sensible time but those days are long gone and not to return.

Truthfully, much of the true value of sport has dissipated from sport as “character building” aspects are pushed aside and “win at all costs” reigns supreme. Rules and once common codes of conduct are ignored should an individual play a sport well and the public supports this with their cheque books in virtually every avenue imaginable.

Sadly throughout my lifetime, the fascination with sport has grown and the public is accepts poor conduct as collateral damage for sporting success. You are not a “better person” because you play a sport well but that notion is rarely considered and the opposite reinforced daily through action.

Before the public casts guilt at athletes and their obvious indiscretions, the crooked finger of guilt needs to be cast towards the mirror. “You” created the problem and will deal with repercussions throughout your lifetime as those who “win at all costs” will lose in the end.



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