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DMC™ returns to Marseille

Category : DMC™, seminars

Marseille served as the debut of DMC™ and has consistently been the host of memorable events with John Davies. With this said, we are pleased to announce on 20, 21 and 22 February 2013, John Davies is hosting a very special DMC™ exclusive class in beautiful Marseille France.

As DMC™ continues to expand and enters its fifth year of operation, enthusiasts found it a remarkable conduit to long term health, professionals holding the accreditation have seen their careers flourish and sport coaches marvel at it usage for elite athletes and direct carryover to technical needs.

DMC™ has been called a “life changing” plan by many and said by creator John Davies as his most important work to date. Users have validated this in droves and the reason why DMC™ is one of the most talked about plans behind the scenes of sport, health and fitness.

For attendees this event, the timing coincides with the Carnaval de Nice, which our group will naturally visit. Extracurricular activities will be discussed post registration.

For those seeking to operate a DMC™ studio (Studio fee information available upon request of registrants), you will be able to opt into a license agreement following successful completion of the event but please note each facility requires no less that two (though we recommend four plus) trained and accredited professionals.

Please note: full-time Students, Law Enforcement, Educators, Military Personnel and those over the age of fifty receive a further forty-percent rebate upon registration.

All filming, photography or recording is strictly forbidden

This event is now SOLD-OUT


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