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The passing of Jake Hill

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The measure of a man’s life is not the financial wealth he creates but how he lives his life with passion and I should add, doing so with honour, commitment and loyalty.

Somewhere in the last few generations that has been lost to large stretches of our world that has been caught up in a mindless existence that is governed by personal wants and desires but rarely about the open hand of compassion, fostering relationships and building a better world.

As we take the next few days to look back upon the life of Jake Hill, a great member of TEAM Renegade, I am proud to note how he went through his brief life and came to understand and be guided by such a mission. The pathway Jake began to lay will not be left to grow over and picked up by others in this team in his memory.

As a small token of our respect for Jake and to ensure future generations will know of his efforts, the Renegade Training™ “R” logo has been revised to feature a star at the base; a foundation for others to follow, a foundation by Jake Hill.

I will miss my good friend Jake but rest assured he will not be forgotten by future generations of TEAM Renegade and his spirit will live on.

As always I remain

In faith,
John K. Davies


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