Simplicity - 1998 Simplicity is a peculiar road to wander down in the fast paced digitally connected world of today. Akin to the quiet old rural route that meanders slowly through every village, with its little riverbed...

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Be ambitious, bold and audacious For those who enjoy the life of a sportsmen, the toxic venom of a bite from wildlife is an on going threat in many adventures within the ‘great outdoors’. There must always be a careful balance stricken...

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Hill Climbs for Cycling Power   One of the most important aspects of training a cyclist must consider is developing the needed strength and fitness levels to manage hill climbs. Said hills need not be the grade of the recent...

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Simplicity and Spices   Whether your goals relate to aesthetics, bodybuilding or sports performance it is often the 'little things' that make a big difference. Just as much of the discussion in the iron game will...

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The greatest nemesis of fear is belief, conviction...   Somewhere along the path of young athlete to experienced coach of many seasons, you realise the greatest foe stands before you in the mirror. Fear is the deadliest foe we must face and fear is...

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fast changes to accelerate muscle growth

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In direct contrast to the present-day, the iron-game’s rich heritage possessed a “common sense” approach to exercise choices and applications. Though that will directly contravene those who find marathon two-hour plus training sessions in sauna conditions as too demanding much of this difference lay in the massive lifestyle changes that has occurred since that time. Without a doubt shifting dietary habits to processed foods from home cooked meals, physical education classes in school with high testing parameters and of-course playing outdoors until it was pitch black has resulted in a mainstream population that is woefully conditioned.

The “how” and “why” this occurred is varied but in the most straightforward points I can assure you there is no simple return route for the broad mainstream and each person must take it upon themselves to right their direction.

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