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The passing of Jake Hill

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The measure of a man’s life is not the financial wealth he creates but how he lives his life with passion and I should add, doing so with honour, commitment and loyalty.

Somewhere in the last few generations that has been lost to large stretches of our world that has been caught up in a mindless existence that is governed by personal wants and desires but rarely about the open hand of compassion, fostering relationships and building a better world.

As we take the next few days to look back upon the life of Jake Hill, a great member of TEAM Renegade, I am proud to note how he went through his brief life and came to understand and be guided by such a mission. The pathway Jake began to lay will not be left to grow over and picked up by others in this team in his memory.

As a small token of our respect for Jake and to ensure future generations will know of his efforts, the Renegade Training™ “R” logo has been revised to feature a star at the base; a foundation for others to follow, a foundation by Jake Hill.

I will miss my good friend Jake but rest assured he will not be forgotten by future generations of TEAM Renegade and his spirit will live on.

As always I remain

In faith,
John K. Davies


The Currency of Likes

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Within social media business circles this past week a great deal of attention has been paid to Stussy-Amsterdam’s controversial “Strip for Likes” effort on Facebook. While many have contended that the apparel companies’ initiative is highly objectionable and certainly there is some question of the broad message of such an approach, it will in-fact prove out to be a matter of “reaping what you sow” in a highly dysfunctional era.

As a backdrop Stussy is a relatively small apparel line compared to its halcyon days of upwards of twenty years ago and caters to a very upscale young “street” market. This is not mainstream brand but certainly satisfies a niche market and sports a loyal youthful following. To re-launch their Facebook page and summer collection their advertising agency developed the idea of “strip for likes”, in which a model who take off an article clothing as the page became more populated. At the time the effort started, Stussy’s page was virtually ignored with a few hundred followers and quite frankly many fine quality posts, photos and video efforts were ignored.

Skipping forward less than a week and Stussy has slightly under 11,000 “likes” and for those so inclined, the model is now in a bikini that you would see by the tens of thousands in the most prudish of beaches. If there is a joke to the final point, it is cutting for it emphasises many pathetic elements of our society, relationships and for that matter what the public clamours for online.

Personally I found the initiative foolish, ill-conceived and set’s an extremely poor tone with attitudes towards women but also as someone who buys their products thinks this will do little for the line. That is certainly a matter for individual opinion but there is still one more in the strange evolution of the currency of “likes” and it is not a pleasant realisation.

This entire effort, whether you think is a good marketing campaign or a display of dreadful social responsibility was to derive “likes” and utilise an aspect that fouls the online world, sexual perversity.

A young model with that very sweet “girl next door” look willing to strip layers of clothing is the evolution of the currency of likes, what companies will do for a very questionable asset and without a doubt has brought legions of preserve onlookers. The voyeuristic look of a girl taking offer is clothing for something has simple as a “like” is a foul verdict on males who prey upon a Lolita at every chance. The proof is in the commentary on their wall, the new likes because the howling old wolves, who need a blue pill to muster the right stuff, are not interested in the apparel line and will certainly not be purchasing for their grandchildren, they just want to stare at a young girl taking off a layer of clothing.

While these teams of fossils have gathered around with their crinkly old bodies waiting for a girl to be humiliated and degraded in a simple modelling gig, for this is not about sex as much as degradation and feeling superior. Surely this legion of little blue popping fossils who have not had an erection without pharmaceutical assistance since their black and white telly broke realised this would not be akin to the pornographic downloads they clamour for each day?

However this has what has become to this once brilliant world of social media where the currency of likes has replaced sensibility and true building of relationship is losing ground. What Stussy and many fail to understand that in the “selling of likes” it is the social media industry that has convinced you that it is a currency that will be met with sales. Though that can be the case for some, it is not a guarantee and in this situation the company has likely in question not attracted new clients and alienated existing ones. Oddly if their effort was to garner more unqualified “likes”, the market for such an approach is extremely affordable and would have allowed them to target age groups and regions significantly more accurately, albeit still “hollow” leads. Assuming Stussy is not about to launch a line of low quality items for those in the “autumn of their years” they now have effectively created a multitude of “Facebook” followers that will not buy their clothing and only serve to confuse their social media team for years to come.

Honesty and integrity may have fallen out of fashion for many a decade but the new evolution of business will see it return in droves

John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Google+, as well as or Twitter.

This article originally appeared at Helix World Media

Written by John Davies
©John Davies Worldwide Productions, 2012
All rights reserved