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Honour, Commitment, Loyalty – Live the Code

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For those who are unaware, within Renegade Training every document we have released since mid 2010 is digitally marked with tracking software to ensure copyrights are not infringed upon and intellectually property theft is limited. This mechanism has proven to be foolproof to-date and I can assure the company will seek maximal damages in absolutely every case. There will be absolutely no leniency in this matter and we have established the appropriate legal mechanism to work within various jurisdictions.

This is a matter of personal respect as well as protecting business assets and the many jobs the company directly or indirectly creates. Unfortunately when copyrights are infringed and intellectual property is stolen, the damages are not so easily seen but in-fact see many careers suffer and undo hardship felt.

This effort will not eliminate the matter but is a policy of “respect and honour” and unless a person can abide by our “Code”, we will not entertain any business with them. This equally relates to decorum and while I “can take it”, should anyone swear in an email or act disrespectful in a similar situation to a one of our Team members, consider it your final day having interaction with my company. I insist upon respect and decorum and if you have not learned that before you should not be focused upon building a body but character. Apparently old-fashioned values, courtesy, respect and faith are nonsense to some but it is “everything” here and it offenders will be dealt with firmly.

I suspect some people do not understand that but this company will not do business with anyone who acts in a dishonourable fashion. This may cost the company a great deal of money and business acceptance but that is fine as both Grant and I believe a life of honour is worth more than a financial statement. In a world that accepts dishonourable acts, I do not. It is not a slogan but my principles are not up for sale. Not now, not ever.

Please realise there are no compromises or bargaining on this matter. I have been approached by many groups to assist their entity but unless they tow this line of honour, show respect at all times in the public, I will not consider the matter.

I warrant few can live up to that in 2012 and why I am confident the people and companies you see involved with our TEAM our men and women of honour and businesses that lead their respective communities. For those who visit our business, you can be assured that our members and affiliated business and “friends” are leaders of community, leaders toward a world that respect a life of honour.

This concern does not refer to merely issues related to business such as copyright infringements but daily conduct, decorum and commitment to bettering the lives of the community. I know that is out of fashion and my weekly speeches of building leadership are not of interest to some but I firmly believe we as a TEAM must lead a path for others to follow and though it is difficult it is the one to take.

Honour, Commitment, Loyalty – Live the Code

In faith,

John K. Davies