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how to perform a Power Clean

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Further to the very recent release of the USPlabs | Ultra Premium Supplements Video Educational Library, we will reviewing a series of exercises and learn proper technique so our readers will derive maximum benefit from their training. The broad majority of these videos is suitable for virtually every method of training and goals and we invite your use.

My training approach utilizes a deeply ordered approach within all sections, including the resistance section of the total program. By doing such, issues of compliance, management and program analysis are simplified and follow an orderly developmental plan.

The resistance section is divided into two major sections with the first being “focus lifts” which are based upon the classic Olympic lifts or other compound movements. These lifts are the most effective route in resistance training to promote muscular strength and speed, flexibility, weight management and promote the development of the all-around athletes.

Of these “focus lifts”, one of the most common is the Power Clean. A powerful overall developer the Power Clean / Clean will help spur the building of muscle mass, as well as explosive power and speed for athletes and if used correctly such as with complexes will accelerate weight loss. Excluding situations that involve an injury, no exercise regime is complete without performing a Power Clean or variation.

It is important to learn how to perform the Power Clean and Clean properly as they can be the basis of resistance training throughout your lifetime and will consistently deliver an effective workout. To do so we will borrow upon the new USPlabs Video educational library.

Power Clean

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