Never Compromise Quality The greatest problem in the modern exercise facility has shifted from ‘poor exercise choices’ to ‘exercises performed poorly’. For many years the great problem in the exercise world was a preponderance...

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R Factor for Golf, edition II R FACTOR FOR GOLF, BY JOHN DAVIES Asked of the favourite sporting book he has penned, John Davies quickly notes “R-Factor for Golf”. The book, not truly about golf but about being a closer is...

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Chart your course There was little doubt in my mind when the first opportunity presented itself I would search out adventure and so in my early twenties, with a purr of my Norton, the open road beckoned. The unknown was...

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Beautiful Game III - Our Game Whether it you refer to it as Football, Fútbol, Fußball, Футбол, Calcio, Votebal or Soccer, the training protocols that John Davies developed are a cornerstone in practise grounds across the...

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Chess for Champions Expand the mind and expand your possibilities. One of the greatest failings of our modern society is failing to nurture creativity and decision making processes within both the formal and information...

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building the Moto athlete

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Through the world of sport, athletes will specialise in a wide assortment of disciplines each requiring a unique skill sets to their activity of choice. While these sport specific skills are highly unique to both sport and individual approach, there is additionally a certain level of common denominators for all athletes. This is precisely the same for the “moto” scene as competitors will possess certain attributes as athletes in other sporting disciplines.

First and foremost it must be understood that no “moto” athlete will reach their optimal performance without firmly dedicating their development to the needs of the sport and being in optimal physical condition. As like any sport, a developmental plan is akin to a pyramid with a broad based of generalised athletic ability as a foundation to which highly specialised skills rest atop. Failure to develop a rock solid base and the upward potential will be thwarted and athletic performance will hit a ceiling.

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