Lead or get out of the way Recently in the media, or whatever you call an era of foul journalism standards that caters to a ‘dumbed down’ style of writing, there has been yet another round of complaining about the millennial...

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Lies you were Fed - R Factor for Golf II All the ‘promises of tomorrow’ amount to very little if action today does not establish the framework for the future. Simply, tomorrow starts today. Procrastination is the virus of the weak and...

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Chaos is your home - Renegade X Chaos is your home When I introduced chaos and imperfection training to the sport training field it was, shall we say, not received well. For the most part I believe it was considered absolute...

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The Goals of Exercise - Renegade X The Goals of Exercise T he responsibility of each generation should include mentoring the youth and if not summarised remarkably simply, improving our world during your lifetime. That general...

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The Dance The Dance Charitable advice can often be the most barbarous whilst the sternest the kindest. To suggest performance, required work effort or the like other than factual lends only to failure...

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Become an ambassador to a better way of life by John Davies

Category : Video Log

Per John Davies, “as with last years release of “The Athlete’s Manifesto” the following video serves as a resolution charge that I hope many will take to heart. Being a strong body starts with character development and though that has been lost in many circles it needs to be task one. Instead of considering purely how you can improve the quality of your life, reach out to your community and across the global village to enhance the lives of others.”


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