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building the workplace fitness model

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As the world grapples with an obesity epidemic the fact is undisputable that if left unchecked it will not only cause endless health problems with the citizenry but cripple economies. Managing the obesity epidemic is not simply a need to ensure the personal health of the citizens but undeniable fact for national economic survival. This is evidenced by the daunting predictions that health care costs will treble by 2015 with estimated national expenditure in the United States alone of $4 trillion, $950 billion associated to obesity as the total figure later approaches twenty percent of GDP. From both the humanitarian and financial bottom-line on the need of managing the obesity epidemic must sit at the task one for the health, fitness and exercise industry.

To solve this problem, a new route must be taken as it is clear “health and fitness” must be embraced within both the youth market, in both the home as well school systems and the most efficient route to adults, the workplace.

The next series of steps comes in the workplace which in many ways is the classroom for improving the health of the adult population in teaching proper dietary habits and merging exercise into daily lives. Whether sponsored by employers realizing it will reduce employee healthcare expenses or proactive government programs recognizing the same savings, the four major areas to be implemented in the workplace are:
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