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Big Back Training for Power

Category : John Davies, Training, USP Labs

Technological improvements of recent have created a remarkable level of connectivity as we are able to communicate across the world with an instant. With respects to athletic development and this blog, this greatly increases our ability to help readers attain your goals. Given that we keep a very open line of communication with our readers via Twitter and Facebook, I can then provide up-to-date education on efficient exercise approaches and ensure readers utilize USPlabs products to their utmost.

Earlier this winter we came up with a plan to launch a special Friday edition where we combine a daily training program (per reader choice), with a follow up supplement protocol on Facebook. Readers cast their vote via Twitter (through either direct message or the “@” function) and decide the topic.

Previous editions of the USPlabs Iron Day have provided:

Strongman Training for Sport

Explosive Hamstring Training
Complex Training
Intro to Mass Training Day
General Athletic Training Day
Recovery Training Day
Ultimate Fat Shredder and Muscular PumpTraining Day
Shoulders and Triceps
Explosive Power for Athletes
Combative Athlete
Core Training for Strength Athletes
Power and Mass Training
Fat Shred training day
Chest and Triceps
Quad dominant
Explosive power and speed
Legs with Squat options
Back and Biceps
Law Enforcement

After considerable input the winning entry for this week’s episode of the USPlabs Iron Day is:

The winning entry for this week’s episode of the USPlabs Iron Day is:

Back training for thickness and power

To continue reading, please visit John Davies blog at USPlabs

Watch John Davies in “introduction of Renegade Training™“.

John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Renegade Kitchen, Renegade Pink, RENEGADE X as well as Tumblr and Twitter. Jand his daily blog for USPlabs.


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