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The Athlete’s Pledge

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Entering the room, their youthful faces are alert and ready to absorb every word you speak. They athletes, regardless of their walk in life, where they call home or particular sport, there is commonality to them with the pursuit of excellence.

I ask them rise, turn to the right and introduce themselves to the person sitting them and then repeat to left, forward and back before sitting down and beginning my introduction.

These are people who others will refer to as your team-mates and while that is accurate in many ways throughout your life they will be part of an extended “family”. There is a very strong possibility that many if not all will be a part of your life throughout your days and though you may lose contact at times, those ties will eventually rekindled and be the strongest kind.

As a member of your family, you will quickly learn in your efforts here, there is no one person more important that other as each of you is an instrumental component. There are no stars on a team but within a family, each of you glimmers, we share our success, pull each up from set-backs and press on against adversity together.

Notions of individual success have been erased the moment you reached to shake hands today as from this day forward your satisfaction comes from team, the family, achieving its goals. In-fact you will not play your sport with the notion of your success but rather thinking of personal achievement it is for your team-mates, your family. You will do, what you do with all your might for the betterment of your team, your family.

Whether it is executing the perfect block few notice, scrapping for control in the scrum, taking the inside pitch, digging into the corners, setting the pick or fighting for every scrap of grass of the pitch and any number of needs in sport, you will do so because you play as team, you live as team, you celebrate as a team and you get up as set-back as a team. I warrant that will be difficult for you understand right now at this stage in your life but as you look around in the eyes of surrounding coaches, not a single one does not wish they had the chance to be on the sporting battlegrounds with their team-mates, their family.

You will play to your utmost ability and do what you do with all your might from the moment the first whistle sounds and continue to do until the final gasp of time. You will never surrender and never be vanquished as you have learned the mark of a champion is getting of the canvas, fighting adversity and pressing forward. You will fight for your team-mates, your family, the crest you wear, the colours you embrace and the supporters who faithfully standby with undying commitment.


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