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the productivity of power training

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Throughout my career in the health, fitness and sports conditioning market I have seen the market shift from a series of systems based upon common-sense and accepted principles to one that is virtually entirely sales and marketing driven. Where once stood a group that was relatively unified in its approach is now a splintered lot and spends more considering marketing tactics, slogans, SEO and website landing pages.

While there are naturally exceptions to the latter comment, the truth of the matter is that much of the time in the industry is spent on developing phrases to entice the marketplace. An endless series of products have been introduced with many holding true to the idea that it is the panacea for the sole reason that it is their meal ticket in the industry.

That will be harsh to some but the fact of the matter is no one piece of equipment is the panacea and what remains are tried and true principles that can be applied to any setting. In-fact the evolution of exercise from the 19th century recognized general athletic needs and though rarely considered in this light, applied strength training in a highly time sensitive and productive manner.

All physical exercise begins with;

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