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build and create honest relationships in your community

Category : Renegade Business Network

Within a recent question and answer period I was asked of the prevailing economy and my reason for guarded long-term optimism. I suspect the interviewer was expecting me to tap-dance away from the issue or certainly not respond that the prevailing problems were both easy to predict and identifiable.

The great problem that exists, despite the enormous capabilities of the Global Village, is the flight from creativity and evaporation of pride in your work. We, as a whole, have forgotten how to create and nurture thought but instead cut and paste and run off the market with pride of building and sold as many widgets as possible.

The solution set starts with building, not via sales but relationships. Relate to the marketplace with earnest and for that matter, enter your profession not because of the financial bottom-line but your passion for what you do. Where possible repair previous problems, like the darning of socks from a bygone era, by listening to the marketplace and show them you care with a gleaming product you have pride in creating. Stop regurgitating sales pitches in every social media outlet and engage your clientele not because an expert claims it’s the route to a better profit margin but you truly care. Through your actions, the marketplace will be educated on your products and services, not because of sales pitches on the proverbial soap box but everyday commitment and always listening.

By building and creating honest relationships in your community the economy will not only rebound but flourish in time as the old principles of values and ethics in business become the new. Once that is grasped firmly and in conjunction with the super connectivity of our modern Global Village success will be imminent.

This article originally appeared at Helix World Media

Written by John Davies
©John Davies Worldwide Productions, 2011
All rights reserved

John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook and Twitter.


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