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diet secrets to fighting obesity

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Obesity is no matter to make sophomoric commentary or for the matter, as so often the case in the present media, ridicule those with weight management problems. I have known and consulted with many people with severe obesity issues, from athletes who have watched careers end to those who wonder if they will see their children grow older.

I stress with boldest possible point, that despite the lack of unnerving lack of compassion that often ridicules those overweight, it is time for the health, fitness and “iron game” to show “true strength” and help rid society with this deadly issue.

The problem of obesity is the result of many factors all teeming together to form a perfect storm where the solution involves a near radical lifestyle change. No singular diet approach or exercise regime can be rubber-stamped as the “solution” but rather enormous shifts of countless aspects of life.

How it has happened is upsetting because quite honestly certain valuable aspects of life have been bled out of the modern world. Explain how the family dining table sits empty for most while “drive-thru” burgeon and before you use the scapegoat of a “fast paced life”, the pace is merely to the end and the end is the grave. Modern society has become its own worst nightmare and while there have been many technological advancements equally we have allowed the quality of life to detonate.

Blame does not merely go on the poor quality food available, rising costs or the inclusion of not-so hidden killers of high fructose corn syrup but each of us for not recognizing that the change we need is not merely “diet and exercise” but restoring quality of life.

This is what I want to stress to you and if you allow me to borrow upon the standard opening of my private seminars; give me the opportunity and I will improve the quality of your life.

cost and suffer significant economic hardship.

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