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the London sessions

Category : John Davies, seminars

After our first event for 10-12 July sold out, we have just added our second event in London, for 18-20 August!

Further to our upcoming seminars in “Montréal, Paris and Barcelona, Renegade Training™ is very pleased to announce a very special DMC™ event 18-20 August in London.

The last full public DMC™ sponsored event was held in beautiful Marseille and we are proud of the positive impact it had upon the lives and careers of attendees. This event is far more than a business seminar and we hope that attendees will not only embrace how the broad DMC™ system is a path to lifelong health but within a setting that touches the core of its artistic heritage.

That said, the nature of DMC™ is deeply rooted in dance and without question subconsciously laced with early teachings of founder John Davies’ heritage. While the regime is well beyond an “exercise” and more of a art-form when developed properly and in recognition of its musicology, DMC™ and the accompanying RED2 system have the ability to resurrect health from long-term injury and in our opinion sits at the root of a proactive healthcare system. To say the business possibilites are “great” is a vast understatement and individuals can safely launch a broad, lifelong business under the DMC™ umbrella.

The London session will involve in-depth tour with John Davies of the worlds most remarkable city over a three-day period, such that you capture both the artistic foundation of the region but equally understand how it is rooted in DMC™. Furthermore the events will involve extensive evening activities deep in the heart of the cities nightlife that will be exclusive for attendees and for that matter, memories to last a lifetime.

For those attending business reasons in considering opening a DMC™ facility, a minimum of two individuals are required per facility for proper management. Upon successful completion of the seminar, the two now licensed DMC™ professionals will be provided rights to their own facility under the company name along in a city of their choice, with only few exceptions.

Discounts / Rebates

Order before 15 July and receive twenty-five percent off, just enter PromoCode “the London sessions” when purchasing and it immediately be deducted from your purchase. All prices includes applicable taxes and quoted in British Pound Sterling

For those attending both sessions, we will take a further ten percent off the event. This will be rebated immediately after the transaction.

All attending will receive rebates on the cost of travel and accommodation up to €750. This amount will be rebated after furnishing purchase travel but all bookings must come within forty-eight hours of registering for the event.

A further rebate of €150 will be provided towards passport, Visa or other airport transfer fees (see note below).

All fees associated towards the purchase of RENEGADE X programs ( are one-hundred per-cent rebated against the cost of the seminar.

Rebates will only be provided to the credit card used in the original registration.

Student / Educators / Military Personnel / Law Enforcement
With respects to students (presently enrolled in an academic institution or under the age of twenty-five), full-time Educators (employed with government or private institution), Military personnel or those in Law Enforcement (full-time), your “ceiling” cost is  £ 750 (plus applicable taxes) if you register prior to 10 June (but please note incidental costs such as tickets to evening events are extra and mandatory).

Furthermore for students, educators, military or those within law enforcement travelling to the event will supply a £150 rebate towards travel and accommodations (see below) and should it apply a further £150 towards Visa or Passport expense.

The cost of evening nightlife activities and incidental expenses are not included but individuals will need to attend. Individuals should budget no less than £450 for events.

A New Career
The exercise and health sector is a tremendous career and I believe that it is only at the dawn of its upswing. However, its limitation is providing education and attracting individuals who understand the responsibility of bettering the lives of others. Members of TEAM Renegade do not simply build physiques, we create leaders of tomorrow, assist our communities within a bedrock of honour, commitment and loyalty.

The worldwide financial downturn has been harsh on many and once again, political leaders seem to peer down from their ivory towers and fail to understand how to lead. Many have lost their job, yet still I see no action from leaders and once again appalled by the lack of vision but those voted into office.

For those out of work for greater than four months and looking to enter to enter the health and fitness field as member of TEAM Renegade, your “ceiling” cost is  £750 (plus applicable taxes) if you register prior to 15 June.

The cost of evening nightlife activities and incidental expenses are not included but individuals will need to attend.  Individuals should budget no less than  £350 for events.

Please note, this is exclusive to those without experience in the professional training

Those who register prior to 15 July and supply receipts of rail, airfare (or otherwise) and hotel will receive a rebate on the cost of your travel up to £ 750 (plus applicable taxes). This rebate will be applied to your event registration upon receipt of documentation.

Tickets will need to be verified with your name and a rail, airlines (or other) receipt (economy ticket only) purchased within forty-eight hours of registering for the seminar with no exception

Unfortunately we cannot combine this with the “Student” or “New Career” offers but will honour it with the twenty-five per-cent discount for registrants prior to 15 July.

Furthermore for those who are acquiring a Visa and or a Passport for this specific trip, we will provide a further rebate of up to £150 (plus applicable taxes) if you register prior to 15 July. This offer applies to all individuals including the student and military discount. Receipts for passports must not come after 1 August but otherwise a simple copy of the expense will suffice.

If any of those discounts apply, please contact us immediately at “” to register.

Please note, “The London session” is limited to no more than twelve individuals, though it is entirely possible that number will be reduced to ensure an optimal teaching environment but please order early. All filming, photography or recording is strictly forbidden

For further information please leave a comment with your email address and you will be contacted in confidence. Each class is limited to no more than twelve individuals, though it is entirely possible that number will be reduced to ensure an optimal teaching environment.

Thank you

London £ 5,200.00:


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