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three key steps for massive growth

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Despite the various goals within the exercise world, along with losing weight one of the most common is adding muscle mass. Digging deeper into this agenda and whether it is said enough generally the goal of adding “mass” is not a small dosage but rather large slabs that transform your body into potentially a vastly different one.

Though there are many differences of goals, the “iron” is a common denominator, “speaks” its own language called “hard work” and when applied properly will build muscle as well as shed excess body weight. The test of the equation is application of work, knowing how to work correctly and of-course utilizing a sound diet and an appropriate supplement plan.

Oddly one of the greatest foes of building muscle mass for the bodybuilder is not diet, supplementation or even training, but the exercise facility itself. This is no small problem as many facilities have been dressed up like it is “ball season”. Not only is chalk and lifting platforms are gone but the dare utterance of groan or a clanging weight results in having your membership revoked. This well known problem as forced many to search out “iron friendly” facilities where sweat and a little bit of venom are understood as part of the territory. Naturally if this applies to you, I forewarn you if you presently train in a facility that clamps down your ferocity, find a facility that does not limit your training.

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