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Cycling excellence

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Two of the most challenging elements for elite level athletes within their non sport-specific training are maintaining direct focus to improve production in the field of competition as well as staying challenged with basic exercise regimes. While on the surface both concerns would seem “simple” to solve elite level training is complicated by their level of athleticism and an industry that rarely, if ever, caters to their pedigree.

This is extremely peculiar area as elite level athletes routinely make “the difficult look easy” and while most will take weeks to adapt to an exercise, for them it might be intra-training session. Equally, while trends in exercise come and go, it is easy for an athlete who is not sufficiently motivated in their exercise regime to venture into endless “cross-training” approaches and effectively “de-train” for their sport. Given this fact, it is important for the performance coach to monitor the training regime of an elite level athlete such that has an immediate carryover to improving sports production, sufficiently motivates and is adjusts constantly to avoid adaptation. This is not an easy hurdle to navigate and many athletes find their sports production plummet given their training is not planned with this in consideration.

The latter issue, of being motivated for training outside the athletes sporting discipline is not reserved for merely the elite level as others suffer the same situation. This is very true with cycling, as the rider is use to traversing the countryside in long rides to being forced on rollers due to winter conditions and even more problematic within a gymnasium setting where the connection to sport is difficult to envision.

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This is turning into a great series.
Even if you are not a cyclist, you should be reading it.

Sr. Renegade Trainer
Owner CoastRight Fitness
Bear, Delaware

Much appreciated. At the start I want to get the basics down for all cycling clubs and then expand to intermediate levels.

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