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Borussia Mönchengladbach edges Eintracht Frankfurt

Category : Europa League News, John Davies

Borussia Mönchengladbach continued its charge to avoid relegation with its second win since the start of the Rückrunde with a 1-0 defeat of Eintracht Frankfurt at Waldstadion. With the result, Die Fohlen pull level with VfB Stuttgart at the seventeenth spot, two removed from Köln, whilst Eintracht nestle in at ninth of the Bundesliga table.

Coming off their disappointing loss to Hamburger SV, Eintracht manager Michael Skibbe made five changes to his starting eleven, ushering in Marco Russ, Maik Franz, Giorgios Tzavellas, Caio and Pirmin Schwegler for Ricardo Clark, Sebastian Rode, Nikola Petkovic, Theofanis Gekas and Halil Altintop.

Borussia manager Michael Frontzeck continued his tactical re-working of his side that has seen its defending make dramatic improvements since returning from the break and made only a single change from last weeks falter to Bayer 04 Leverkusen with Tobias Levels entering for Thorben Marx.

Eintract, still unable to breach the opposition net since the re-start, made the first noteworthy advance with Caio blistering an effort from twenty metres over the bar at the ninth minute. Just past the half-hour, the twenty-four year-old Brazilian attacker was once again the centre of the storm as his effort rasped off Tobias Levels, striking the post before visiting keeper Christofer Heimeroth smothered the ball. Chances were sparing through the break, as both sides were reluctant to expose themselves in the attack.

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