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Category : Cuisine

Life is meant to be lived wholly, a chalice filled and downed with gusto. Cuisine is one of life’s many pleasures and best shared with family and friends. Though my own culinary expertise is more than a morsel shy of brilliant, even my limited abilities can piece a few little shards together. While there are far too many weekend dining traditions of mine to mention, one of the favourites is definitely crêpes, with a preference to chocolate. A dessert treat that is somewhat easy to make and can be filled with a host of savoury ingredients


3 Eggs
1½ cups milk
1 cup flour
2-3 tablespoons melted butter

Slowly melt the butter in a sauce pain, whilst combining flour, eggs and milk in large mixing bowl. Whisk together, adding melted butter to form a fluid consistency.

From there, heat your lightly oiled pan, I prefer a Mauviel Cuprinox copper pan, over a medium-high heat and pour a ¼ cup batter serving into the centre of the pan, turning in a circular manner to ensure it spreads the thinnest of thin.

The crêpes will only take a minute or two to brown so you should be loosening the sides and prepare to turn and cook the opposite side.

Once completed it is now time for your fillings and there we have a host of selections available from quality chocolate (i.e. Neuhaus), Nutella, preserves of any kind or one of my personal favourites, orange blossom honey with a dash of grated orange peels.

Serve with espresso with just the right background and enjoy

This recipe first appeared at “The Renegade Kitchen” on Facebook.  Please feel free to add the page and enjoy…


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Theres nothing better than a fresh cooked meal.

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