Peanut Butter Porridge with Peruvian Cacao This is not your average 'porridge for breakfast' but a antioxidant rich meal to serve the demanding needs of an athlete as well as those dedicated to healthier living, to which I add that no athlete will...

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Pomegranate Raspberry Overnight Oats The simple yet profound truth is that no athlete will reach their potential if they fail the manage a nutritious diet. It truly is that simple and for all the promising athletes that fell short of their...

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Raspberry Banana Overnight Oats No athlete can achieve their promise if they fail to manage a proper diet. Simple, yet profound and any suggestion otherwise is nonsense for without the proper dietary support the utmost potential...

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Blueberry Overnight Oats No athlete can achieve their promise if they fail to manage a proper diet. This simple fact is equally a trying realisation for many as for decades proper dietary habits have rarely been emphasised...

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Recipe: Porridge, Eggs and Courgette Food is fuel to serve the demands of athletic development. Whether one is at the height of sport or a young athlete with dreams of the next level without the proper fuel no athlete can reach their...

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Achieving your Athletic development Resolution

Category : John Davies, Training, USP Labs

Through the course of our first looks into “achieving your New Year’s Resolution”, I have discussed a general outline of goal achievement, the building blocks of motivation as well as laying out an early plan for those looking to shed unwanted weight and others looking to add muscle mass. In the final instalment, to the surprise of no one I will turn my attention to my favourite overall topic of “athletic development”.

It comes as no co-incidence that this article in released on the morning of 31 December and while much of the world is readying for a New Year’s celebration, athletes need to balance personal lives with the job of preparation. If my words have a cutting stroke to them, it is with intent because if I talk softly to groups with other interests, I will not with athletes. You are or should be different and if you to enter my training room, its time to get to work.

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Filmed in New York City’s Central Park (photo above) during the Autumn of 2004, the aptly sub-titled “No Walk in the Park” (Omega Med Ball) is an stunning training routine for advanced athletes. Filmed after a driving rainstorm, the DVD features John Davies and one of the finest byproducts of the Renegade system, Doug McDaniel. This DVD utilizes unique medicine ball routines, developed by John Davies and suitable for intermediate to elite level athletes.

Price USD 34.99:

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