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Achieving your MASS development Resolution

Category : John Davies, Training, USP Labs

Quite often, those who make New Year’s Resolutions do not take the matter with sufficient conviction and forgotten within a month. The reason for that is long-winded, as it involves upbringing that may lacked character building, understanding “things worth having are worth working for” or a background of “overcoming adversity”. Beyond those basic notions and many other reasons, another reason exists and rarely mentioned, as simply “the bar was set too low”.

Without sufficient challenge, motivation to excel is limited and the focus of the individual will wane quickly. I know for myself, whether it is in direct exercise or skill development, perfecting a moment through seemingly endless practice is at the root of my success. Those successes have not come cheap, in the form of countless exhausting practices and in some cases, injuries that have left in scarred and bloodied.

The point to stress is that for a resolution to be woven tight in your desires and to be achieved, you will need the motivation, the “want and desire”.

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Mad Science, one of the most important DVD series that any athlete, coach or professional trainer should invest. This series, including the legendary “Bear” sequence has spawned a generation of complex training across the world. Owing exclusively to Renegade Training founder John Davies, the exercise world now utilizes training complexes. In this remarkable four part series you will learn the step by step plan towards advanced athletic development.

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