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Your Building Blocks of Success

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There are many steps in building a record of success. Whether through your overall walk in life, your business career, academic studies of even in sporting world, there are numerous commonalities.


Success is not a random occurrence. It comes via diligent work and determination within a mixture of knowledge, accuracy and application. To be successful in today’s world you will need to apply yourself with a firm education and a heavy dose of resolve.


It is not sufficient to merely work diligently but it must be with perfect application. The disciplined practise of perfection is the road to success.


In the online community many like to present an ‘easy road’, which of-course is merely to get the ‘easy sale’ from the unsuspecting consumer in an era marked with tumbling standards. The adage of ‘things, worth having are worth working for‘, ring true throughout history as if you wish to be successful in any avenue of life it requires drive, determination and dedication.


‘Drive, determination and dedication’ sit at the hub of the Renegade Wheel of Conditioning™ as well as our important ‘career creation’ plan for developing leaders of tomorrow, today. Not only are these three characteristics key to success in sport conditioning, health and fitness but the foundation of career development and personal fulfillment.


Yet all too often in teaching and coaching ranks the ‘win at all costs’ attitude has taken over without respecting that each action has a consequence and therefore, along with ‘drive, determination and dedication’, ethics and values must be affirmed. Without notions of solid values and mores, the ‘win at all costs’ attitude leads down the road to ruin, where winning is losing. Simply, the building of ‘strength’ starts with character.


Success comes not through the easy stroll in life but rolling peaks and valleys. Sputters through the valley may be trying but they set the stage for greater success and in so doing by coming through troublesome day’s you achieve one of the greatest rewards of life, you leave great footprints for others to follow. What you do does make a difference.


Life is faced with many obstacles, some more daunting than the next but each a challenge nonetheless. Invariably, life will knock you down from time to time but understand the sole difference of those who stand on the victor’s podium and those who gaze upwards, is never allowing yourself to stay on the canvas as you respect adversity is something you overcome. Get back up, never stay down and remember as you dust yourself off for a new day, you are teaching great lessons for those who come after you. There are many storm clouds in the future but as surely they will come, I know I will press on through them and at days end will be proud of the walk I have taken.


I say this absolute voice of experience my friends. Without literary license or likewise, I have been ‘counted out’ on a number of occasions including the most dire. However, through those trials I have learned much and with those lessons teeming throughout my daily existence, I know how to win the tough fight. As challenges rise, fear does not play a role in my life and I press onward through the toughest valleys and venture upward.


Now with the cool autumn night’s breeze, I am ready for the challenge. My hands ball up, in wait and I refuse to be vanquished or falter for the memory who came before me and for those who will follow my path.


Adversity is something I have overcome.


This is who I am and this is what I am made of.


Written by John K. Davies

Written by John Davies
©John Davies Consulting Services, 2010
All rights reserved


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