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the secret to lifting more weight

Category : Training, USP Labs

The “secret to lifting more weight” as I have so often explained in lectures is to, lift more.

While that may be confusing and quite obviously ignores many important exercises decisions, there is a great deal of ballast to this simple two-word answer. The fulfilment of goals, regardless of their focus requires a number of key footings, to which resolve and confidence are integral components.

Without resolve the slightest discourse, an individual will falter in the wind and find there performance following short their aspirations. Resolve is not some charming tale of “saying” you are going to do something correct but instead showing it with action against the face of adversity. To be successful, you must truly want “it” and be willing to do everything possible within an honourable decree to achieve your goals.

Confidence can be both friend and foe to “resolve”. A moment of self-doubt against adversity and the best-laid efforts fall apart while those who do possess steely-eyed determination can burst through the toughest challenges.

Yet on another vein, to “lift more” recognizes the ability to develop a skill set and gradually improve the technical action. Like kicking a ball, learning a new language or teaching someone to read, physical action becomes a skill set. While there are a number of considerations whether exercise and the impact of said movement, with respects to the law of diminishing returns, the point of learning the action contributes enormously to result. Lifting a weight is no different that learning thousands of skills, yet most will only do a few repetitions comparatively. Exercise movements are no different than many other skills because simply, what you do today, will be a little easier tomorrow.

Thus, if you want to “lift more”, lift more. Execute the desired lift or any other action more frequently and turn the movement into a skill set.

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