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improving the quality of your life

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Without regret, I can honestly say that in many ways I live with a self-imposed myopic vision of certain elements of life. Though our society has seen vast improvements with technology, many aspects of life have spiralled downward, putting into question the quality of our day-to-day lives.

What was once so common, the honesty of the family meal, a simple backyard garden nurtured, harvested and then enjoyed, is a vestige of the past to many. Technology can connect the world in a nanosecond, bridge gaps few could imagine but despite its many innovations and efforts, it forever will fall short of the little nuances in life that in-fact build a quality of life.

Oddly, while the world grapples with rising obesity rates, much of the focus to cure the problem is misguided. The problem is not simply what to eat, but how to eat and more importantly, how to live life. This is abundantly clear within dining habits as virtually every basic notion of the family meal or for that matter, eating at home has changed. While I border on sounding antiquated, simple pleasures of enjoying a healthy breakfast at home is a either replaced with the disease of fast-food “convenience” or pre-packaged cereals that set in motion a multitude of health problems. Remarkably, breakfast might be the simplest of meals to decide upon but in a world of quick-fix solutions and the ever-present sugar-fix needs, the brilliance of “simplicity” tends to be forgotten.

While the grocer’s stores are stacked and packed with an endless parade of vitamin- fortified, sugar laced cereals with cute animated characters, the common goodness of natural food choices are typically ignored. Not only a health problem avalanche in the making it derails the fellowship of a family preparing a meal together in such situations and is additionally expensive in both the short and long term. It is likely the least sexy of marketing images to portray but starting your day at home with a simple breakfast, sans interruptions of texting and televisions but with plenty of conversation with family is a step towards total health.
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