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Finding the cure for dietary woes

Category : Cuisine, John Davies, USP Labs

The notion of “dietary advice” in the modern world is in need of a complete overhaul. While there is no shortage of diet books, crammed with catchy phrases to improve your diet and garner the ever-present sale, few respect or understand the source of the problem, much less provide a cure.

The problem of diet is far from simply what we consume but into deeper issues of how we, dare I say, dine and purchasing choices. The enormous cultural shifts that date well back into the Industrial Revolution and the shifting from an Agrarian society paved the way for the lifestyle changes of today. Yet as the footings of the family unit were shook, the situation sped out of control where we have been an era that no longer can solve very basic dietary problems.

Large scale food production and distribution as well as growth of fast food has slashed and burned dietary habits of the past, with few reasons to remotely suggest it can be reversed. Notions suggesting broad societal changes to say reduce the consumption of processed food are solid in technical merit but whether they can occur is only from the vision of the most ardent optimist.

If there is “hope”, it will come from the individual localized action, with knowledge of the worldwide problem. Governments or corporations will not solve the problem; only the citizenry can by their action. Consumer responsibility at the local level, whereby the public forces change via its “financial vote” not only is wise choice for an individual with respects to the wallet and the environment but should do the same with matters of health.

In the oddest turn of the tables, as we look to improve the quality of life and ultimately dietary habits and health, the simple handshake might be one of most powerful conduits.

The handshake and requisite look in the eye was once the binding contract of many. It meant, “my word” and one of men (and women) of honour. For those who believe in the handshake contract a special world of valour is yours that sadly few recognize. Naturally some will scoff at such notions as parochial but the handshake goes much further than “binding legal contract” but notions of pride, honour as well as relationship marketing. This is the ultimate test because as we incorporate “pride and honour” within “consumer responsibility”, we ensure action from suppliers.

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