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of chaos in training

Category : John Davies, Training, USP Labs

Regardless of the setting, whether it is within your career or more trying personal matters, adapting to rapidly changing environments is integral to success. Rarely in our daily lives are situations wholly predictable and the only thing, though it seems peculiar, is that can be assured is the unpredictable will occur.

This is obviously exaggerated in the sporting community where the individual or team is pitted against a competitors action or changing environment, effectively making the difference between success and failure the ability to adapt. Within the sport training community, this poses a series of odd concerns because while fitness regimes and facilities are developed to suit the surface “physical needs”, by ignoring the chaotic nature of rapidly changing environments they miss the mark. All training for both sport and to some extent must recognize the need for a destabilized or somewhat chaotic nature as it closely resembles the final “testing point”. This is no different that say a academic situation where students studying in an environment completely different from an examination room or later a fast-paced work setting and not being able to assimilate to the conditions.

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