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your first steps to a healthier life, part two

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The development of a business long-term asset is no small undertaking. Long past the original intent and investment grade decisions, leaders of a business much hold dear a vision to nurture an assets growth and eventually harvest its value. This can vary in a myriad of different manners throughout the life of a business and for those with a broad horizon, risk management is key.

Said management is quite obviously not merely the home of business visionaries as throughout our daily lives, all societies consider planning for unexpected and further tactical decisions to improve their situation. Whether it is stretching the definition or not, improving education standards throughout your lifetime is in many ways a personal risk management tool of safeguarding your career as well.

The examples of planning for the future and risk management tools are endless. In virtually every stream of life, people plan to improve their stature, yet when it comes to matter of wellbeing, why does society guarantee poor health with the foul menace of fast food?

The conclusion is meandering storyline of well laid out marketing strategies, a vast changing family dynamic and in the darkest of lights, political factions spending time looking like leaders as opposed to being one.

Those are pointed words, I know but it is about time that someone stands up and casts a finger straight towards the fast food industry and political factions who do nothing but watch generations detonate their lives. While “blame” is not in their hands of those supplying a product that the public is free to decide, the inability for leaders to see beyond the chequebooks of lobbyists and short-term economic growth is staggering.

What is left is a society, bloated from its last take-away / take-out serving of something they refer to as “food”, trying to balance exploding health-care costs but never once realizing at the root of the problem is diet. Diet and its gruesome cousin, the modern lifestyle, are waging war with advancement and through the next half century, the inability of leaders to manage this runaway train will cost all of us dearly.

On a macro level, I hate to be the one to burst the optimistic bubble but “true change” is not in the cards. The general public is not turning back the clock to my vision of a time that was perfect but there are opportunities for the individual. Opportunities to improve to your health, your families and better your entire lifestyle are beaming straight ahead but you simply need to reach out for it.

In-fact, “lifestyle” is the real clue to have a life of style does not mean shovelling food down your gullet. The notion of “how we eat”, much less the dreaded “diet” ideas, needs to be revamped as “cuisine”.

Cuisine embodies both the traditions of cooking, possibly influenced by region and most common, lineage. By returning to this, you not only improve your health with more traditional meals, with naturally healthier ingredients, you gain the benefit few recognize in diet circles, that being fellowship. That might seem more than a morsel flowery but fellowship and an ability to relax during a meal directly impacts upon your health.

With this mind, in step two of “the first steps to healthier living”, is the exact opposite you have been indoctrinated with “fast food” and slowing down. Meals, yes “cuisine” is meant to be enjoyed but over time. Appreciate the slowest element of cooking together with family, friends and then do something that will set up apart from the rest, sit back and enjoy in a peaceful setting.

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