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a matter of Simplicity, part two

Category : Cuisine

Diet is the most challenging hurdle to navigate for those intending on living a healthy lifestyle. The modern diet, in most major industrialized nations is bound for failure and with rapidly dropping food quality standards, the general publics health problems is sadly a near guarantee. Couple in the loss of farmland to industry, the degradation of nutrient level in soils, environmental damage and burgeoning populations, this trend will not reverse unless serious efforts are undertaken across the world. The darkest of dark secrets that many political theorists are aware-of is that if major action is not undertaken, it will not only cause health levels to plummet but equally create numerous conflicts worldwide for the simple reason of “scarcity of resources”.

Commentary on diet varies from self-serving phrases that help create this years “best seller” to noteworthy points for niche markets. The greatest problem of purporting dietary information is the vantage the writer may have little to do with the public and merely be used to sell a product. It is easy to make suggestions of a “perfect world” horizon but few live within a generic scientific setting and the first points in all dietary suggestions must be ease of compliance and scalability.

Though comments as such will not make many friends in the health and fitness industry but truthfully, every piece of information that I see reported or repackaged today is inferior to the common advice you would receive growing up thirty-plus years ago. In-fact, as I noted to a very well known best selling author many years ago, it seems to me that every “new” piece of research validates what every grandmother spoke of “in a time long ago”.

For those of us old enough to remember, grocery stores were not always massive aisle after aisle warehouses of boxed foods. However since that time, somehow a generation was convinced that “efficiency” of pre-made items, low grade options and “fast food” was better and now decades later, a new generation is not only dealing with the pain of falling health but simply does not know how to live. “We”, or at least those of us old-enough to remember what life was like prior to this occurring, “had it all, but threw it away”.

The list of problems is daunting because not only does the public need to learn what to eat and as well as forcing change in farming business practices to ensure higher grade products come to market but significant changes to lifestyle must be made to ensure optimal health. There are no choices in this equation because failure to deal with the problem, guarantees a lifetime of poor health and suffering.


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