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Breeding Success, part one

Category : John Davies, USP Labs

Though the media is rife with tales of a starry-eyed dreamers stumbling onto a successful venture, for those who stand atop the victors’ podium, it comes through a well-orchestrated plan of attack.

Rarely taught in modern society are the structure and cadence of countless skills that were once commonplace in society. Amongst the litany of skill sets lost to many in the present day, is the most basic notion that success does not come by chance.

Success is a domino effect, where small little parcels form a chain link towards goal fulfilment. Each of these traits, maybe quite small in isolation but they form a pathway to greatness. Sadly, positive habits and other issues of character development have been lost in a society that has confused “painting outside the lines” as freedom of thought. Creativity is not a misunderstanding the two but rather exploring the broad horizons that education, both from organized and family upbringing, provides.

Systems of success build through endless strains of interoperability, where capabilities in a seemingly unrelated area, later positively influence another. The smallest trait or basic habit may be an angle of response that sets a whirlwind off and a successful venture.

There are many key links in the pathway to success, some minor habits that few consider but quite possibly, from the broadest of broad scopes the most important is visioning the victors’ podium. What stands atop is a matter of personal wishes, setting and environment but to be successful you must first believe in your abilities and set a course. Ultimately, this comes down to a not-so little recommendation of mine; the direction you are going, is the direction you are looking.

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