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your first steps to a healthier life, part two

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The development of a business long-term asset is no small undertaking. Long past the original intent and investment grade decisions, leaders of a business much hold dear a vision to nurture an assets growth and eventually harvest its value. This can vary in a myriad of different manners throughout the life of a business and for those with a broad horizon, risk management is key.

Said management is quite obviously not merely the home of business visionaries as throughout our daily lives, all societies consider planning for unexpected and further tactical decisions to improve their situation. Whether it is stretching the definition or not, improving education standards throughout your lifetime is in many ways a personal risk management tool of safeguarding your career as well.

The examples of planning for the future and risk management tools are endless. In virtually every stream of life, people plan to improve their stature, yet when it comes to matter of wellbeing, why does society guarantee poor health with the foul menace of fast food?

The conclusion is meandering storyline of well laid out marketing strategies, a vast changing family dynamic and in the darkest of lights, political factions spending time looking like leaders as opposed to being one.

Those are pointed words, I know but it is about time that someone stands up and casts a finger straight towards the fast food industry and political factions who do nothing but watch generations detonate their lives. While “blame” is not in their hands of those supplying a product that the public is free to decide, the inability for leaders to see beyond the chequebooks of lobbyists and short-term economic growth is staggering.

What is left is a society, bloated from its last take-away / take-out serving of something they refer to as “food”, trying to balance exploding health-care costs but never once realizing at the root of the problem is diet. Diet and its gruesome cousin, the modern lifestyle, are waging war with advancement and through the next half century, the inability of leaders to manage this runaway train will cost all of us dearly.

On a macro level, I hate to be the one to burst the optimistic bubble but “true change” is not in the cards. The general public is not turning back the clock to my vision of a time that was perfect but there are opportunities for the individual. Opportunities to improve to your health, your families and better your entire lifestyle are beaming straight ahead but you simply need to reach out for it.

In-fact, “lifestyle” is the real clue to have a life of style does not mean shovelling food down your gullet. The notion of “how we eat”, much less the dreaded “diet” ideas, needs to be revamped as “cuisine”.

Cuisine embodies both the traditions of cooking, possibly influenced by region and most common, lineage. By returning to this, you not only improve your health with more traditional meals, with naturally healthier ingredients, you gain the benefit few recognize in diet circles, that being fellowship. That might seem more than a morsel flowery but fellowship and an ability to relax during a meal directly impacts upon your health.

With this mind, in step two of “the first steps to healthier living”, is the exact opposite you have been indoctrinated with “fast food” and slowing down. Meals, yes “cuisine” is meant to be enjoyed but over time. Appreciate the slowest element of cooking together with family, friends and then do something that will set up apart from the rest, sit back and enjoy in a peaceful setting.

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a matter of Simplicity, part two

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Diet is the most challenging hurdle to navigate for those intending on living a healthy lifestyle. The modern diet, in most major industrialized nations is bound for failure and with rapidly dropping food quality standards, the general publics health problems is sadly a near guarantee. Couple in the loss of farmland to industry, the degradation of nutrient level in soils, environmental damage and burgeoning populations, this trend will not reverse unless serious efforts are undertaken across the world. The darkest of dark secrets that many political theorists are aware-of is that if major action is not undertaken, it will not only cause health levels to plummet but equally create numerous conflicts worldwide for the simple reason of “scarcity of resources”.

Commentary on diet varies from self-serving phrases that help create this years “best seller” to noteworthy points for niche markets. The greatest problem of purporting dietary information is the vantage the writer may have little to do with the public and merely be used to sell a product. It is easy to make suggestions of a “perfect world” horizon but few live within a generic scientific setting and the first points in all dietary suggestions must be ease of compliance and scalability.

Though comments as such will not make many friends in the health and fitness industry but truthfully, every piece of information that I see reported or repackaged today is inferior to the common advice you would receive growing up thirty-plus years ago. In-fact, as I noted to a very well known best selling author many years ago, it seems to me that every “new” piece of research validates what every grandmother spoke of “in a time long ago”.

For those of us old enough to remember, grocery stores were not always massive aisle after aisle warehouses of boxed foods. However since that time, somehow a generation was convinced that “efficiency” of pre-made items, low grade options and “fast food” was better and now decades later, a new generation is not only dealing with the pain of falling health but simply does not know how to live. “We”, or at least those of us old-enough to remember what life was like prior to this occurring, “had it all, but threw it away”.

The list of problems is daunting because not only does the public need to learn what to eat and as well as forcing change in farming business practices to ensure higher grade products come to market but significant changes to lifestyle must be made to ensure optimal health. There are no choices in this equation because failure to deal with the problem, guarantees a lifetime of poor health and suffering.

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Breeding Success, part one

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Though the media is rife with tales of a starry-eyed dreamers stumbling onto a successful venture, for those who stand atop the victors’ podium, it comes through a well-orchestrated plan of attack.

Rarely taught in modern society are the structure and cadence of countless skills that were once commonplace in society. Amongst the litany of skill sets lost to many in the present day, is the most basic notion that success does not come by chance.

Success is a domino effect, where small little parcels form a chain link towards goal fulfilment. Each of these traits, maybe quite small in isolation but they form a pathway to greatness. Sadly, positive habits and other issues of character development have been lost in a society that has confused “painting outside the lines” as freedom of thought. Creativity is not a misunderstanding the two but rather exploring the broad horizons that education, both from organized and family upbringing, provides.

Systems of success build through endless strains of interoperability, where capabilities in a seemingly unrelated area, later positively influence another. The smallest trait or basic habit may be an angle of response that sets a whirlwind off and a successful venture.

There are many key links in the pathway to success, some minor habits that few consider but quite possibly, from the broadest of broad scopes the most important is visioning the victors’ podium. What stands atop is a matter of personal wishes, setting and environment but to be successful you must first believe in your abilities and set a course. Ultimately, this comes down to a not-so little recommendation of mine; the direction you are going, is the direction you are looking.

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Los primeros pasos

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Recientemente, el tema de asistencia sanitaria ha llegado a ser muy popular en los medios de comunicación. Mientras una gran parte de las discusiones sobre la atención médica se centra en si los planes propuestos son asequibles o en el acceso de los servicios, las verdaderas soluciones que incluyan las medidas preventivas son raramente consideradas.

Esto presenta un reto difícil para el público porque, ya que naturalmente quieren un sistema mejorado, deberían aprender cómo vivir una vida más saludable para que cualquier plan de cuidado de salud tenga éxito. La asistencia médica mejorada comienza con la eliminación del problema de no viviendo con hábitos sanos, y no con la legislación del gobierno.

A pesar de que va contra una sociedad moderna que está plagado de los malos hábitos, este enfoque es necesario por una variedad de razones. Combinado con el envejecimiento de la populación, los bajos niveles de salud para la mano de obra y los avances en la tecnología médica, los costos de la salud seguirá aumentando y la única respuesta es un enfoque proactivo.

La respuesta es simplemente vivir una vida más sana, pero la pregunta que cobra mucha importancia es cómo cambiar la sociedad de su estilo de vida mortal.

Sin embargo, la ruta hacia una vida más sana no es fácil en cuanto a generaciones, nosotros como una sociedad hemos abandonado nuestro pasado ancestral. La sociedad moderna ha construido un estilo de vida que es destinado para el fracaso, y para resolver el problema de asistencia sanitaria, debemos recordar nuestro pasado.

De los muchos asuntos para preocuparse de, uno del más grande es la obesidad. La obesidad es una enfermedad mortal que no sólo daña la salud de muchos y promueve enfermedades relacionadas, pero de un costo financiero estricto, es inmanejable. Para retrasar este problema, debemos revigorizar cambios a través de la sociedad con ejercicios generales y elecciones de alimentos.

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steps to healthier living, part 1

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Recently, the topic of health care has become very popular in the media. While much of the discussions on health care focus on affordability and accessibility, true solutions that involve preventive measures are rarely considered.

This presents a difficult challenge for the public because while they naturally want a better system, they must learn how to live healthier for any health care plan to be successful. Improved health care starts with eliminating the problem by living with healthier habits not with government legislation as they dirty truth is that nation can afford soaring costs.

Though that goes against modern society that is rife with poor habits, this approach is necessary from a variety of angles. Combined with an aging population, poor levels of health for the labour force and advancements in medical technology, health care costs will continue to increase and the only answer is a proactive approach.

The answer is simply to live healthier lives but the question that looms large is how to shift society out of its deadly lifestyle.

The route to healthier living is not easy as for the present generation as society has abandoned much of its ancestral past. This is far beyond, “eating correctly” or basic exercise as modern society has built a lifestyle that is destined for failure and to solve the problem of health care, we must recall our past.

Of the many issues to be concerned of, one of the largest is obesity. Obesity is a deadly disease that not only harms the health of many and promotes related illnesses but from a strict financial cost, it is unmanageable. To slow this problem, we must invigorate broad changes throughout society with general exercise and food choices and improve the quality of living.

We must learn to learn to eat better by understanding how to shop for quality food, prepare it and conversely insist on farming practices that ensure healthy goods come to the market. Though this will be a difficult step for many, who have never learned skills that were once common but it will improve the quality of life and eliminate many health care problems.

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